Glycogen Storage- What Do I Do To Carb Up?

Recently got this question from a reader who’s preparing for a bodybuilding show. Even if you aren’t competing ever, this well work well for letting you be your best on the beach.

Q: I’m competing in a few weeks and wanted to know your take on carbing up before a show. What’s the best way?

A: Our main goal is to have the most glycogen ( carbs) in the muscle so we’ll look the fullest we can. Don’t think you can go on a carb feast though, that’s what people mean when they say “spill over”.

Here’s a great rule

“Too much, too fast, too soft”. That means if you eat too many carbs too fast thinking you’re helping yourself out, you’ll just end up getting soft. Not what you want on a bodybuilding stage.

It’s better to eat less carbs then it is more. People assume that they need to go crazy at the end of peak week and that’s why so many people “just miss”.

If you’re flat you can adjust quickly,if you spill over it’ll take at least 72 hours to adjust and use those carbs and expel that water.

If you’re dry and tight on Friday night, then you’re doing something right.

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  1. Mike Arone
    8 years ago

    Great points man…good way to look good for the beach …lol!

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