How strict does your form really have to be?

Form jockeys, you can find them anywhere from online to your local gym. These people are usually very critical of what everyone else does in the gym. More often then not, they’ll find someone to complain about.

On the other hand, well you have “those” people typically classified as meatheads. Listen, I know these people and I personally don’t like to see it.

Case in point…

There’s 2 or 3 guys that workout together in my gym all the time. One has made some impressive muscle gains in the last 6 months or so after looking like he didn’t train at all (infer what you want) and the other two still don’t look like they train. So person A, the jacked up one, does a cable row with a very jerky type movement with the entire 300 pound stack. Persons B and C, the ones that don’t look like they lift, get on and do the same weight with the same bad form.

I don’t bang out the entire stack with those super high reps, then why is my back bigger and my deadlift stronger than theirs?

Now here’s the deal.

There are multiple times as you progress in your lifting life that your form will change. Beginners are always taught to focus on their form and for the most part, the majority of people that don’t train seriously or frequent enough need to lower the weight and lift with better form.

But that always doesn’t apply.

As you get stronger and use heavier weight, which you need to or you might as well stay home because working out is about progression regardless of how big or small, you’ll have to add some body english into the movements.

Now the form jockeys are going to tell you that you should only use exact, picture perfect form or else you’ll never get results.

I call B.S.

Form is nowhere near as critical of a factor of muscular development as many would like you to believe. It’s about 9th on the list after nutrition, progression, dedication, recovery, supplementation, focus,cardio, and even more nutrition.

I mean look at pro bodybuilders, they aren’t the perfect example because there’s other factors involved but these guys don’t perform anywhere close to a picture perfect bench press technique, are their pecs sufferring?

Look, here’s my point..

Form jockeys need to give it a rest. Most of them wear too tight Under Armour to begin with and they need to focus on their own bodies before they hate on other people. Body english within reason is perfectly fine.

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  1. Jim
    9 years ago

    I think form is more important to avoid injury, more than for muscle development (IMO). I’m not a form jockey btw lol.

  2. Kian
    9 years ago


    I agree with you that form and muscular development aren’t as related as a lot of people think, but that’s not the point. The whole reason that we should practice good form is to prevent injury and make sure we innervate the right muscle group to avoid inefficient firing patterns.

    If those aren’t your concern, than form really isn’t a hindrance.

  3. Mads
    9 years ago

    Is the speed that you are raising and lowering the weight not considered a part of your form?

  4. Nii WIlson
    9 years ago

    Jimmy this is another good article. I have seen a lot of people do the same or criticize me when I used to do partial rep dealifts but that was a key factor which helped me “ballon” up from 145lbs to 167lbs in 8 weeks. My form was good about 80% of the time but when as you said factor in nutrition, rest, and supplementation there should be no need for such critical thought of form.

    Keep em coming man!

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