How To Build More Muscle

I know why you’re here…..

I know what you came for…..

You don’t just want to build some muscle, you’re on a quest,a journey to continually better and perfect yourself. You know that you’ll never be big enough or lean enough or look the way you want but that’s why you continually go to the gym every day to challenge yourself and at the end of the day, you know you’ve grown.


But what if you want to build more muscle?

The list of options is certainly long. From various intensity techniques like drop-sets, supersets and running the rack to more “unknown” training methods to build more muscle like doubles or triples and various nervous system enhancing methods, you’re never in short supply for ideas.

I think a issue however comes when your base training, that is how you’re training when you’re not trying to improve a certain area, like trying to lose back fat. One of the biggest areas that most individuals fail on when they are trying to build more muscle is there lack of muscle fiber recruitment.


Most individuals looking to maximize muscle mass train in the 8-15 rep range since that is what bodybuilders have always done and that’s what increases blood flow to the point that the individual thinks that they have trained their muscle enough. In addition, tissue damage is caused as well allowing the individual to think that they’ve made significant progress.

These endurance type reps primarily target the Type I muscle fibers that are more slow-twitch, thus harder to increase in size.

So what’s  the deal? If traditional high rep training is advantageous for muscle growth, why would you want to get away from this?

The answer is simple, power training or low rep training is very good for activation the type IIa or fast twitch muscle fibers that have the highest potential for rapid more muscle growth.

Essentially it’s known as power and density training and it works very well as a shock to the system for 8 week muscle growth


Power rep ranges are just what they sound like, lower rep work and heavy weight.  Power exercises should be limited to the very first exercise of the session and should consist of multi-joint movements. If you’re training “chest” then you use be doing a flat or incline dumbbell chest press first, if it’s “back” then begin your session with a deadlift or chin-ups.

Stick with 3-4 sets of 3-5 reps


More of your typical bodybuilding training but not as high as you would think. For this part of Density training I’d like you to stay within the 6-10 rep range.


This training cycle is all about hitting the type IIa fibers harder than we previously have. We’re still hitting the endurance fibers but we’re also dancing on the fine line between type IIa and type I fiber recruitment.

Now I don’t want you to think that we’re only doing straight sets. Drop-set work very well with density training. So if I was training you then you’d be doing something like the following

Sample Back Workout


4 sets of  3-5 reps

Wide Grip PullDows

3 sets of 6-8 reps

Seated Cable Row

3 sets of 8-10 reps, each set is done as a dropset for 4-6 additional reps.

The rest of the workout would be tailored to fit the power-density system but this is a great way to shock your body in building more muscle.


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