How to deal with ankle sprains

Just got this email and I wanted to share.

I have been having ankle problems and I was wondering if you could
help me. I play basketball very regularly, but lately I have been
having nagging ankle pain. I cannot remember spraining it or rolling
it but it is constantly in pain and has limited range of motion. This
has happened to both my ankles but currently only one is bothering
me. If you have any suggestions for me it would be greatly appreciated.

I wrote back and told him to check out my two youtube videos on it then come back to me if he had any more questions on ankle sprains.

Video 2

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  1. Alan
    8 years ago

    I find wrapping my ankle has made a huge difference, I also try and ice it b4 bed each day.

  2. Lawanda Isais
    8 years ago

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