How To Get Bigger Forearms(Bigger Forearm Checklist)

What can I do for my biceps?

I want bigger arms, how do I get them?

My arms are too small, I need new exercises, what do you have?

I’m sure you’ve seen this on internet message boards and I’m sure you’ve heard it when you were in the gym. Everyone wants bigger and thicker arms but almost every is completely ignoring their forearms.


So maybe you need to ask, “How do I get bigger forearms?”

Why The Forearms

Well the most obvious reason why you need to focus on building a bigger set of forearms is simply because they create a thicker and bigger overall arm. Do you really think that you can have big biceps with toothpick forearms?

Get real….

Quick Arm Anatomy

I don’t want to get into a deep anatomy lesson but the one thing I will say is that doing just a few sets of hammer curls here or there won’t cut it. So the real main reason that training your forearms helps your biceps get bigger is because of your brachioradialis.


These forearm flexor muscle runs underneath the bicep, so when it’s fully developed not only does your forearm get thicker but your bicep takes on a 3-D appearance.

The Best Forearm Exercises

I’m not going to list it so I should say it now. Everytime you train arms your should perform at least one hammer curl movement. Simply put, you increase your overall volume which is the number one way to get bigger forearms or grow any muscle for that matter.

Another thing that you need to do right now is eliminate the use of any wrist straps. I used to use them when I was younger but they really are a waste of time. Bodybuilders often talk about the need for straps since their forearms tire during back training movement but my reply will always be “get your forearms stronger”.

Lastly, you should be performing some type of heavy back movement during the week like bent over rows or deadlifts.

Now if for every set of curls people did they combined that with one set of forearm work, no one would have small forearms so that’s my first tip for you to get bigger forearms. You must train them at least twice per week.

Top 5 List For Bigger Forearms

In no specific order if you want bigger forearms then you must do at least two of these exercises twice a week.

  1. Reverse Curls
  2. Hammer Curls
  3. Rope Curls
  4. Pronated Wrist Extensions (cable, db or barbell)
  5. Supine Wrist Extensions (cable, db or barbell)
  6. Wrist Rolling

So there you have it, a quick and easy checklist for bigger forearms.

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