How To Improve Your Deadlift In 1 Week

I’ve been on a roll lately in the gym. I’m just getting stronger and building more muscle without that much fat gain. Things are good.

My favorite exercise is easily the deadlift. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s just that I can get so much stronger with it then other movements. Maybe it’s because I feel that it helps me reach my potential fastest. Maybe I just love how my back and traps feel when I’m done.

No matter what it is, I love deadlifting.

I’ve been going pretty good and was going for my 1st set of 315 pounds for 10 reps(got 8 the week before).

I only got 5 reps…

So the analytical aspect of my mind started to kick in. Why was I five pounds under my goal? What went wrong?

I began to analyze.

-I sat in the car for a four hour drive the day before. Thus rendering my glutes weaker and my hamstrings tighter then they typically are.

-I hadn’t trained for a week due to sickness. Was I still suffering from some of its effects?

-Was there something that I didn’t do with my warm up that I should of?

So in the most strategic way possible, I’m trying to figure how to improve my deadlift in 1 week.

Here’s a few things that I’m going to test and I suggest you try one per ┬áday as well.

1) Add more nerve flossing techniques into my warm ups.

Most of you reading this may be familiar with Active Release Technique or A.R.T. This type of soft tissue therapy involves the not so subtle gliding of scar tissue and adhesions that build up due to over use and weaken and tighten the muscles that they effect. Nerve flossing is a method of self-A.R.T that frees entrapped nerves and allows almost instants improvements.

You must find your weak points first and foremost. For me, it’s my ankles. Years of playing basketball have cause tears and severe sprains that weren’t rehabbed properly. This will be my first area that I look to improve.

Not to mention that I will perform various static stretching movements for my hamstrings and glutes.

2) Make sure that I have optimal carbohydrate intake the day “of” my deadlifting.

While I don’t fully agree with the notion that you must consume large amounts of protein and carbohydrates in a pre workout meal. I will make sure that I have an optimal amounts of incoming carbohydrates on my deadlifting day. Combined with a during workout drink, I want to attempt to keep my glycogen stores as full as possible.

3) Visualize.

I’m sorry if you don’t believe in it but I do and it works well. I often write in my training journal the weight and reps that I’ll achieve before I attempt to lift the weight. I almost always, with 90% certainly, achieve the new record that I just set in my training journal. To be fair, I did do this last lifting session and it didn’t work out for me but if you visualize your performance with enough passion, you will cause distinct and powerful factors in your brain to increase your performance.

(Kai Green Before His Second Arnold Classic Win Writing In His Journal And Visualizing, a exclusive.)

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