How To Progress In The Gym

Progression is the key!

Ok I needed to yell that because I’m so tired of seeing debates online of high vs low reps. Truth be told, there’s only one way to actually get gains in the gym and that’s through progression every workout week after week and month after month. Sadly, you can only add so much weight on the bar. There comes a time when it stop and you need to do different work to get different results.


Progression Method One: Do More Reps

This is a simple one that everyone known but it also gets screwed up often. Just doing more reps doesn’t cut it. People think that they can do 12 reps one day then 15 the next and that’s progression. It isn’t. Here’s what a rep progression looks like

Workout 1: Flat dumbbell chest press 12 reps x 90 pounds

Workout 1 2 weeks later: Flat dumbbell chest press 13 reps x 90 pounds.

That’s how you get bigger and stronger.

Progression Method Two: Do More Sets

By routinely adding sets every other week you build up your tolerance to an increased workout and evenly distribute the stress across your various workouts.

Workout 1: Total volume (sets+reps)= 20 sets

Workout 2: Total volume (sets+reps)=22 sets

Workout 3: Total volume (sets+reps)=23 sets

Workout 4: Total volume (sets + reps)=17 sets

And repeat

Progression Method Three: Rest Less

Just knock off 5 seconds every third workout. It won’t seem like much at the beginning but trust me, you’ll feel it.

So here’s how we put it all together

Workout 1: Perform a normal workout session.

Workout 2: Increase your sets by 1-2 sets.

Workout 3: Keep your workout 1 set longer but decrease your rest between every set by 5 seconds

Workout 4: Perform the same workout as Workout 1 but add an extra rep to every set with the same weight from workout 1

Remember, if you progress, you grow.

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  1. rich
    9 years ago

    Thats what I have been telling everyone ,but no one listens

  2. admin
    9 years ago

    @Rich- I’m with you. I wish more people would “get” it.

  3. Tony Suvie
    9 years ago

    Hey man I’m an old dinosaur and workout in my home dungeon. I have found that if you ain’t dopin’ balls to the wall workouts, and I mean HARD work nothings gonna happen except that you may catch the young filly on the stair stepper watching you out of the corner of your eye while you’re doing your curls in the power rack!

    Keeping a log is also a must otherwise how the hell you gonna know or remembr what you accomplished on your previouos workout.

  4. admin
    9 years ago

    @Tony-GREAT advice!

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