How To Punch Faster and Harder

Watching a replay of the Brock Lesnar-Shane Carwin fight last night provided me the opportunity to dissect the fight. With all the hoopla over the fight when they actually fought, I didn’t have the time to actually enjoy it. The one thing I realized? They both punch hard and fast.

While the title of this article may seem very attractive to the boxers and fighters in the crowd, I warn you that if you don’t have proper strength, endurance, muscle control and flexibility, these exercises and techniques won’t just make you punchfaster and harder.

The key to punching harder isn’t found in increasing your overall strength as more powerlifting based coaches will tell you. Nor is it from the explosiveness that Olympic lifting will give you. Without proper force development or the focus on specific muscles in the right sequence, you’ll never improve your punching speed.

The answer is NEVER to punch with weights. That’s dumb. When you have weights in your hands and are punching, the resistance is going in the wrong direction!

Punching with weights does the following

-The weights don’t go in the direction of your hand, as punching does, they go in a downward motion. Not good.

-Punching with weights slows down your movement. Not good.

-Punching with weights causes improper muscle recruitment patterns. Not good.

So how do you punch faster and harder?

Use drop training..

You start with your body in a position that you’re going to be in a fight. Could be a knee onto a chest, in guard. Just get into the position. In those position, you then perform your drop training.

Small weight, maybe 1-3 pounds. What we’re doing here is building up an internal amount of tension then releasing it with a fast punch. We improve local muscle endurance and improve motor patterns. We turn the right muscles on and off at the right time.

That’s how you punch faster and harder

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