5 Ways To Build Lean Muscle Fast

So you want some lean muscle fast huh? Gaining weight and building lean muscle fastĀ are too completely separate objectives. One requires you to gain fat and the other does not. You see, most people have issues with building muscle, they want to add size too fast. Adding size too fast equals too much stomach fat and decreased health. That isn’t cool. Here’s how to build lean muscle mass fast… #1: Use creatine monohydrate Adding creatine to any type of lean muscle diet is a surefire way for more growth. It’s a spark plug for muscle and gives you immediate energy. More strength=more lean muscle. Creatine also helps to build water into lean muscle, more water in your muscle=more lean muscle mass. Training depletes creatine so by adding it back it, you speed up your growth.

#2 Add flank steak into your diet Flank steak is the meat of choice for lean,fast muscle gain because it’s low in fat but provides a generous amount of calories and protein. The fat helps to spare glycogen store so the food you eat goes to growth not for energy use. The fat found in flank steak is healthy fat which helps to increase good hormone production as well.

#3 Variety in your workouts accelerate results Using the same exercises too often can actually slow down progress. By changing the angles of your movements you require your central nervous system to activate different areas of your muscle. So if you just perform standing dumbbell curls, you’ll use the same muscle fibers over and over again. Instead, switch up your exercises and angles and you’ll build lean muscle faster. Continually challenge your muscle fibers through various angles for maximum muscle size.

#4 Add balance to every meal Humans have evolved for years by eating a combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fats to lose fat or gain muscle. Don’t separate your foods in hopes that it’ll keep your leaner. By combining healthy options of carbohydrates, fats and protein in one meal, say whole wheat toasts with natural peanut butter and egg whites, your body actually improves its natural hormone production. Focus on key muscle building foods like healthy fats and lean grass fed meat and eat it constantly.

#5 Do some cardio. It seems that people only do cardio for fat loss. In reality, cardio can be very helpful for those looking to minimize fat gain and maximize muscle gain. Try performing three thirty minute moderate intensity cardio sessions per week for lean muscle growth. As you do cardio you end up increasing your muscle cells sensitvity to allow more nutrients to become stored in the muscle cell. This prevents fat gain and encourages fast muscle growth.

Fast muscle building question and answer.

Q: How important is increasing igf-1 and growth hormone for building muscle?

A: Is it important? Yes. Is it vital for muscle growth? No. Muscle building hormones can help us increase our size but it won’t directly lead to rapid and fast muscle growth. More then likely it’s important for recovery but it’s not like your results will be limited.

What are the best supplements to build muscle fast?

I get asked about the best supplements for fast muscle building all the time. Again, I can’t stress enough that it takes time to build muscle. You’re not going to be able to add ten pounds of lean muscle in a year, sorry, it won’t happen. Fortunately there are a ton of natural supplements that you can use to build fast muscle in a healthy way. Let’s start reviewing them.

  • Creatine: Creatine monohydrate is the superior nutrient for building muscle fast. Supported by years and tons of studies, we know that creatine helps to saturate our muscle cells with water which sends an anabolic signal for growth. Creatine also helps to restore and recycle our ATP which is our bodies first source of energy. The longer we can sustain our ATP production the heavier weight that we can lift.
  • BCAA
  • Whey Protein
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium


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