IFBB Bikini Model Ali Rosen Workout And Diet

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The newest division in the IFBB is the bikini division. It has become very popular and that’s due to the physiques like Ali Rosen. Here’s her workout and diet for the Ironman Bodyspace Spokesmodel Contest 2010

1) So tell us a little bit about you. How did you get into training and modeling? What made you decide to enter the Ironman/Bodyspace model contest?

I am 23 years old, an IFBB Bikini Pro and FMG athlete. I am an Advanced Certified Personal trainer and Nutrition Consultant. I am heading back to school in January for my Masters of Science in Nutrition. I love to cook, exercise and help spread my passion for health and fitness. I got into training when I started my freshman year of college. I met a great friend of mine who was an MMA fighter and nutrition guru at heart. He trained me and taught me all about nutrition and weight training. Once being introduced to this field I fell in love. My passion for living a healthy lifestyle, cooking and wanting to inspire and motivate others all strengthened my desire to enter the fitness and health industry more aggressively. My undergraduate degree was in Business Management from the University of Florida. I majored in business because I always new that at heart I was an entrepreneur. After gaining my solid business base and realizing my passion for health and fitness I decided to get certified as a personal trainer. Throughout this time period I met a handful of mentors in the field.

A former IFBB Figure Pro was training me at the time and introduced me to the world of competing. After prep and one show under my belt I fell in love again. I figured I could put all my passions together and learn knowledge from all the resources that surrounded me in the competing world as well as the personal training and dietetics industries.  I decided to enter the Iron Man / Body Space contest to help spread my knowledge and desire to motivate and inspire others.

2) What are you 3 favorite body parts to train and why? Give us a training trick or tip for each.

Glutes, Shoulders and Quads.  I love training my glutes because it adds a nice shape to my body and who doesn’t want a nice booty LOL. Training tip: another way t train both your glutes and lower back is to do a reverse hyper extension. Well toned shoulders, in my opinion, screams that you train hard. They are what start the curves and definition when someone looks at you, they make a presence with a strong statement. Training tip: If you are in a time crunch, I like to put together a mini combination set.

With dumbbells start with DB bicep curl, when all the way up lift elbows out to the side of your body, to work your medial delts, and finish off the set with a shoulder press and repeat.

As for my quads, they are one of the strongest parts of my body, so training them is enjoyable. They also aid in creating nice lines to add to your lower half. Training tip: switch up typical lunges with a lunge to the front and instead of stopping in the middle, go right into a reverse lunge. This will not only train your quads but also your glutes.

3) How does your diet vary year round? You obviously have to make some improvements but need to stay lean.

During the season my diet consists of a lot of lean fish, chicken and eggs. I have complex carbs and vegetables with the majority of my meals. I eat 6- 7 small meals each day with 2-3 hours in between each meal. Usually 4 out of the 6/7 have complex carbs where as the rest have healthy fats from either Flax Seed oil or fish with vegetables. During my season I consume lost of asparagus as they are known for their natural diuretic properties.


Off season the amount of protein is higher along with the amount of complex carbs per meal. I also give myself two nights in the week (opposed to one) where I can go out an enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant.

4) What has been the most frustrating area for you to train? How have you approached it to bust through your plateau?

My glutes. To overcome my plateau and desire to reshape my glutes I have added in more plyometrics and interval training into my cardio sessions. I also designate one day a week to just glute training and have two other days where I will mix in 2-3 glutes exercises.

5) People get very motivated looking at in-shape people like yourself. How has your social life changed? How have guys responded to you develop a fantastic physique?

My social life is really only altered during my season of competing. I cant go out 2-3 nights a week and eating out and socializing is very limited due to my strict diet and training schedule. People respond with compliments and comment on how motivating it is to see the transformations I have made over a short period of time. They also admire my disciple to compete and live this dual lifestyle. Once off-season rolls around I start to add in more of my social life in order to have balance in my life.

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