Intensity Techniques

It’s common place to hit a plateau in your workout. It could be that you’ve just done the same movements for too long or it could be that you just haven’t been able to lift progressively heavier weight. Whatever the case may be, you MUST find a way to overcome your training plateaus if you’re truly serious about building your ideal dream body.
If you want to get a few extra reps, gain a little more strength and add some more muscle, then this workout technique is fantastic
It’s called “rest-pause” training and research shows that it just flat out works.
I first discovered it, by accident, about 6 years ago just messing around in the gym. That’s how I learned just about everything…
When you do any strength movement, and it could be any exercise, and you hit fatigue and can’t do any more reps. Place the weight down and count to 15.
You could even count M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I if you really want
After 15 seconds, pick the weight up and you’ll be able to do 2-3 more reps.
And this means that you’re producing more force and exposing your muscle fibers to a more intense challenge. You’re burning more calories and you’ll push them to change their size and shape.
See it works by temporarily increasing your ATP-CP quick energy system.
Here’s a real time example
Let’s say you’re using standing reverse EZ bar curls and you’re on your 10th rep and can’t do any more.
Place the weight down, count to 15 then pick it up. You’ve just tricked your body into doing more reps.
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