Intra Workout Nutrition For Muscle Building

Workout nutrition has always been in a hot topic in the sports supplement industry. The general feeling is that if you can maximize this time period where your body is looking for fuel then you can increase  your gains quicker. Dr.Chris Mohr is a nationally recognized nutrition consultant and has even appeared as a nutrition advisor is LL Cool J’s fitness book.

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Jimmy: That last point was killer Dr.Mohr. My readers will get a TON out of that. Moving on... Let’s move to the intra workout nutrition now because that is a very hot topic.Do you have your clients take a carb solution when they are trying to gain size like Surge and additional BCAA or do you just favor a straight BCAA and a solid meal before training? What is your deal with intra workout nutrition? DR.MOHR: I do like intra workout nutrition and  it is even getting better for a science nerd like myself, it is even better when the science actually supports it as well. There is more research coming out that during workout nutrition is  just as effective as or sometimes more effective than actually post workout recovery nutrition. It has been done for years for endurance athletes when they are exercising for several hours a day. In the strength world it is just starting to emerge in the science and what we are seeing with it, like you said looking at just carbs or BCAAs I personally I like the carb-protein blend with extra BCAA’s in there. We know that through research that you do not need a full whey protein type product, whey protein isolate or something along those lines. You just need the essentials and even just the branch chains but for convenience a lot of my clients really just prefer something like a Surge like you mentioned. I have some clients who really just like the flavor of Gatorade so I have them throw in a scoop of protein in there. I do have them take something. I mean the carbs are going to help them have a better workout because that is what you are utilizing for energy particularly if you are into heavy training where you are looking at squats and deadlifts and those kinds of exercises. The carbs are going to help refuel you and actually give you energy so to speak so you can improve your workout in that regard. So I like that blend of carbs and protein. JIMMY:  I wonder if I can ask you to actually touch on glutamine for me for a little bit, because glutamine is an extremely popular bodybuilding supplement and is also one of the highly bashed ones because people argue that –one school said that does not get through the small intestine but  another groups says it is excellent for gut health. Now recent research is showing that it will help prevent BCAA breakdown and it also has a synergistic effect with creatine. Do you use glutamine for your clients?

DR.MOHR: Yes,it is interesting and glutamine and I personally have gone kind of back and forth with this and this is one supplement, that research wise, there is not a ton to support usage in the athletic world. There are a few studies out there that do support its use and it really gained popularity initially from work with burn patients and obviously burn patients have enormous calorie needs since they are trying to repair their tissue.

They have enormous protein needs and then also glutamine in particular and I have noticed that glutamine was necessary for these patients to rebuild and repair so then that carried over to saying “well a burn victim needs it and they are trying to repair so athletes need it as well because they are also trying to repair their muscles.”

Obviously the needs are very different for the two types of people but looking at it at anecdotally it does seem to help a lot of folks with recovery and some of the data is pointing to possibly sparing some of the BCAA’s which is fantastic.

I have seen people recommend 70 to 80 grams a day which I personally think is way more than is necessary but 5 or 10 grams a day seems to be,anecdotally seems to be, effective in some folks and again we are seeing a little bit more research now but that still, in my opinion, is a long way to go before the research actually 100% supports glutamine.

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