Is Training To Failure Necessary For Muscle Growth

I know that this may seem like a topic that has been addressed over and over again but I personally don’t feel like anyone has ever given enough evidence as to why training to failure isn’t needed for maximum muscle growth.

So instead of writing this long and drawn out article, I’ll write this post like it’s a checklist for why you shouldn’t train to failure, at all, ever.

1- Strength training workouts increase muscle building because every time you lift a weight you change the protein structures of a muscle.

2-Most of the tension in a training rep occurs on the eccentric but that doesn’t mean that the eccentric phase is the most optimal phase for muscle growth.

3-The only purpose of every workout to reach a stimulus and give your muscles a reason to change and grow.

4- Muscle doesn’t know rep ranges.

5- Muscle doesn’t recognize or differentiate between the stimulus that you apply to it.

6-There never has been a single rep or rep range identified that improves muscle building more then others. No specific range has the key for more growth.

7- The only way that you really grow is to increase the loading of the muscle or by applying more resistance than the muscle needs.

8-More resistance equals more muscle fiber changes.

9-Muscle is VERY sensitive to changes in training load and tension

Putting it all together we see that we really don’t ever have a need to train to failure or train with maximum intensity to grow. What we need is a progressive system that encourages small but constant growth for faster increases in muscle size.

What typical rep ranges do you use to encourage muscle growth? What have you found to work the best?

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  1. Raymond-ZenMyFitness
    8 years ago

    I think you are right there is no need but getting close is needed.

    I believe people think it works because their intensity is not high enough so going to failure shows them where their boundary exists otherwise they fall short of the required intensity line needed for maximum growth!

  2. myron
    8 years ago

    Jimmy the two most important ones are #4 and #5. If i lift 200 lbs with a dumbell, barbell or machine;and the intencity is same with all off them, does your muscle know what yr actually doing? No our muscles arent that smart they only react to the stimulus placed on it, not where it comes from.

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