Jon Bones Jones Workout Routine

jon bones jones workout

Every so often an athlete comes around that changes the industries perception of how it’s evolving. Bigger,stronger and faster are a thing of the past in an industry that matures at breakneck speed. Jon “Bones” Jones is blazing a new trail for what it means to be a mixed martial artist. In the sports performance world we’re used to seeing athletes that can bench press more or jump higher. That comes with advances in strength and conditioning and nutrition. What mixed martial arts is experiencing is a radical paradigm shift.

What types of workout does Jon Bones Jones use?


One look at Jon Jones workout and the average weightlifter will think that he’s just some skinny guy. Being long and lean has always been a trademark of high excelling athletes but never before have we seen someone who has so much knockout power with equally matched core strength who has flexibility and explosive strength that comes out of a comic book.


The average reader at first might assume that Jon Jones is genetically born with those gifts and the reader is correct but that doesn’t mean that those traits aren’t attainable. To  enhance various athletic abilities at the same time you must have a workout program that builds off each movement. Strength can increase flexibility and core strength can increase explosive power. Here’s some guidelines to follow to design a workout like Jon “Bones” Jones.


Follow low rep sets with explosive movements


When we combine traditional low rep power training with explosive movements that work the same joints we’re able to further tap into out Type IIx muscle fibers that have the greatest potential for growth.


Stress your core with unilateral training


Unfortunately the current definition of core training still revolves around either old school ab training or movements that are hard to progress on, like planks. By engage your core with unilateral movements you not only force your core to stabilize against the opposite side of the body that’s generating movement but you also increase your flexibility and  rotation strength.


Train through a full range of motion


While it seems like basic knowledge, training through a full range of motion can provide lasting benefits for increasing athleticism. When you perform a full, butt to ground, squat your not just firing your glutes and quadriceps but your encouraging your central nervous system to allow that extra range of motion in your entire body.

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