Katy Perry Workout

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Katy Perry workout program came just in time for her wedding with British comedian Russell Brand. Harley Pasternak, a celebrity trainer, helps here get fit and sexy.

Here’s what you can learn from her workout routine and experience:

#1: Follow a system.

She follows the “Five Factor Diet”, a diet promoted by her trainer Harley Pasternak. Following a system helps you improve consistently. Don’t let your your fitness levels to chance!

#2 Workout regularly.

She works out 5 times a week. In 25 minutes, she gets a workout that incorporates upper and lower body strength, abs and cardio. She also adds in the mix jump-rope because she enjoys so much.

#3. Eat 5 smaller meals each day.

This eating schedule regulates important biological cycles in your body. You also don’t starve at all times and you can burn fat more easily.

#4: Eliminate unhealthy foods.

Katy Perry did the right thing by replacing pizza, junk food and Chinese takeouts with healthier high protein meals.

#5: Get motivated

“Her goal is to look amazing, always.” tells her instructor. She works out for her wedding, music videos and touring. This looks like an amazingly effective motivation for her. To become unstoppable, you can also motivate yourself negatively by realizing that most other people out there don’t do much for their health. So, by working out you can get ahead than most people.

#6: Make it fun.

“When I want to get in shape, I jump rope. It’s rhythmic and it’s so easy and I can listen tomusic while I do it and I can jump rope for a half an hour straight.” says Katy Perry about her workout routine. Truthfully, she doesn’t like to exercise but by adding the rope-jump into the mix, she makes it fun and easy.

Katy Perry workout program and diet can be quite useful for you. Integrate what you like into your own workout routine.

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