Natural IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Tim Martin Reveals His Diet And Training

I might be a little critical. After all, there’s a ton of people online claiming that they build muscle naturally. Most of them are liar. Tim Martin on the other hand is the truth!

Q:So tell us a little bit about you. How did you get into training and bodybuilding? What motivated you to start and consistently work on improving your physique?

A:I’m 42 and have been lifting “seriously” for 22 years and competing for 15.  Like most I started lifting because I was tired of being a natural ectomorph and had the usual progression from home gym to local YMCA, and finally “hardcore” gyms in my area.  It was there that I first saw any real competitive bodybuilders, and eventually I built up enough confidence to compete myself.  I had success right from my first show and loved theindividual challenge this sport provided.

I always looked at bodybuilding linearly, where one step provided a path to the next, so I made my way from the now defunct ANBC through all the major federations until my ultimate destination, the IFBB.  Because I usually placed well I never saw the need to start using performance enhancing drugs, and even at this point my goal isn’t to win a pro show but rather continue to prove to myself that I can compete naturally and hopefully represent my fraction of the sport well.

Q:What are you 3 favorite body parts to train and why? Give us a training trick or

tip for each.

A:I don’t have a favorite body part to train, but have learned that regardless of the targeted muscle the most difficult exercises done with correct form provide the most benefit.  That said, my goal is to use a complete range of motion for every movement and essentially take the load off the tendon and on to the muscle belly.  I try to include “power” and “feel” exercises for every body part, and some days just do all of one or the other for variety.  To answer your question, however, I’d say squats, heavy rows or deadlifts, and dumbbell presses are the staples of my training.

Q:Do you ever have a typical “offseason” or do you stay “picture” lean year round? How does your diet vary between the two?

A:I have the type of physique that doesn’t change too much during the year.  My contest weight is around 210 ( before I dehydrate to make the 202’s), and right now I’m about 225-230.  If I get any heavier than that I simply get fatter, not thicker.  As far as diet is concerned I make sure to eat around 400 grams of protein per day all year round, and then manipulate fats and carbs to get leaner.

Q:What has been the most frustrating area for you to train? How have you approached it to bust through your plateau?

A:I have a lot of frustrating body parts, and as a natural bodybuilder your whole physique often feels like it never changes.  Realistically I’m about as muscular as my genetics allow, but I am constantly experimenting with diet and training variables in an effort to eek out a little more.

Q:People get very motivated looking at in-shape people like yourself. How has your social life changed?

A:Initially when I began lifting I was partially motivated to become more “attractive” to the opposite sex, but I’ve been with my wife for virtually the entire time I have been competing so nothing is different because of bodybuilding in my life.  I do think that I am in a unique and awkward position in the bodybuilding community in that I’m a natural athlete competing in the IFBB.  When I’m in that element I generally keep my mouth shut regarding the drug-free thing because there is no point in bringing it up with people who obviously don’t share the same value system.

On the flip side I don’t think my name is brought up too often when talking about the top drug-free guys in the sport because I no longer compete in drug tested shows.  When I first started competing I set a goal to be recognized among the top athletes in the sport, but as I’ve progressed I realized that there will probably never be a way to truly establish that list of competitors.  I do feel comfortable with the fact that at this point I feel that I have competitively taken natural bodybuilding farther than anyone else, missing an Olympia qualification by one placing as a lifetime drug free athlete.

Q:Where can we find out more information out about you?

Check out more information on Tim on our Facebook page right here

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