Plateau Busters For More Muscle Growth Part 2

In part one of Plateau Busters, I gave you 5 methods for more muscle growth. Now I’m back with 5 more methods to help you bust out of any training sticking point that you can ever encounter.

Eat More Protein


Sounds simple I know but it works and works well. Even people that point shakes all day generally don’t get enough protein in their diet. People just don’t realize how much protein they actually have to eat to grow. I mean just multiplying your bodyweight timesĀ  1 gives you a great indicator of how much you need to eat. So say you need to eat 200 grams. Well 1 shake is typically 24-30 grams of protein, a 8 oz chicken breast is about 20. You need 200 grams!. So double your protein at every meal, even if you don’t hit your target number you’ll bust your plateau.

Train Twice A Day

It might seem extreme but it works well. Not only do you now get 6 time periods where your food goes to helping you build muscle (during the workout, post workout and post post-workout). Workout one consists of 1-2 compound movements done for lower reps of 4-6 and longer rest periods. Workout 2 consists of 2-3 isolation movements done with 8-12 reps and shorter rest periods.

Less Is More

Start training your bodypart that don’t get as much stimulation. Most people train their chest and arms with a ton of volume. Well keep your overall sets and reps the same but perform 60% of that work on your under stimulated muscles like your back, forearms, calves and legs. The quickest way to progress to train what you never trained.

Hammer It


This works well for people that have a sticking point at a certain bodypart. Just double your number of sets for that bodypart for a few weeks. Just make sure you eat more on those training days as well and don’t perform this for more than 2-3 weeks as it can lead to over training fast.

Do Cardio

Cardio doesn’t force you to lose muscle. Perform 15-30 minutes of low intensity cardio 2-3 times per week. Not only is it good for you but it will stimulate your metabolism so you can eat more and help to push the calories you eat away from being stored as fat.

Go ahead, use 1 of these methods at a time and you’ll bust through any plateau!

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