Randy Orton Workout And Diet

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Q: So tell us a little bit about you. How did you get into training and bodybuilding? What motivates you to keep it up?

You may have heard of Randy Orton if you follow the professional wrestling sport. Randy is one of those guys you would model your body after if you could.  6 foot 4, 245 lbs with defined muscles and an athletic body.

He comes from a family of wrestlers and has the distinction of becoming the youngest heavyweight champion ever in the sport. Randy Orton’s muscular definition has been called the best in the world. Best of all it’s a completly natural strong, lean body. He’s been able to build this amazing body without the use of steroids because of his extremely effective workout methods. Many people comment that his best feature is his abs. Some people call Randy’s abs the best on the planet. He’s been able to build these abs by using a fairly simple workout routine that you can adopt and do in your own home.

Randy Orton Workout Routine

Randy’s method includes a 5 day schedule that he splits up the muscle groups to concentrate on each day. He does this so the muscles can be worked to fatigue which helps generate muscle mass. Generally he uses 7-21 repititions and rests 30 seconds to a minute between each set of exercises. He does a cardiovascular workout 3 days per week for about 30 minutes each time.  He’s favorite is an inclined treadmill. Other muscle sections trained 3 days per week include forearms, neck and abs. Of course Randy uses good stretching techniques before and after each session. Lets take a look at Randy’s ab workout since so many guys want rock hard, six pack abs. It seems like Hollywood has really adopted this perfect beach body because you see many stars getting great abs and then showing them off. Many people don’t realize with the right workout, done from home, you a can get your abs in amazing shape without weights, going to the gym or using steroids.

Randy Orton Diet

Of course the workout is only as good as your diet habits and Randy has this figured out as well. Nutrition is so important because it is the fuel that makes your workout possible. You may bethinking it must be a pretty gross diet but it’s different than most other plans you may have seen or even tried. Randy’s diet is clever in the way it organizes different food groups to improve how your body metabolizes your food. He generally eats a high protein, low carb diet. He maintains 250 grams of protein each day and gets over half of this protein from protein shakes and other legal supplements. His natural occurring protein comes from meat, milk, chees and eggs. Believe it or not he likes sushi also. Randy avoids processed carbohydrates opting for naturally occuring carbohydrates.   This just a brief overview of Randy Orton’s workout and diet programs. If you want a body like Randy’s do your research, commit yourself to the plan and start working.

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