Ronnie Coleman To Stage A Comeback at the 2010 Mr.Olympia

Well it looks closer and closer to becoming a reality, 8 time Mr.Olympia is planning on making a comeback at the 2010 Mr.Olympia.

Ronnie apparently made his future plans known on MuscleSport Radio and will be stepping on stage at the 2010 Mr.Olympia.

How could he? Well being a former Mr.Olympia, he can enter any Olympia contest that his heart desires. Ronnie, himself, has stated that just being on stage will be a victory for him. While I can’t see him winning or even placing top 5, top 10 is certainly in his reach.

I for one, wish Ronnie the best of luck. He was one of the nicer guys at the 2010 Arnold Classic and I wish him nothing but the best.

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