Shoulder Workout Guide-How To Maximize Your Shoulder Training

Shoulders have always been my favorite bodypart. They have always been that area that I just wanted to be wide as all hell. It’s cool right? You wear a white t-shirt in the spring and you just look big. You walk on the beach in the summer and you just look big. Not to mention that it makes your waist smaller. All big pluses. The problem was, I wasn’t born with this natural wide clavicle like most meatheads that you see trying to look huge in the bar. I needed to find shoulder workout information to help me grow, just not the basic “do shoulder presses”.


The Tri-Set Theory

I first learned about this method when I was talking to a fellow trainer that I respected.  He mentioned that he was having his clients go past few fatigue. For example, they’d do a set of 15 reps of sitting side raises then they’d stand up and do 12 more reps. His reasoning was that since the shoulders were more slow-twitch muscle fiber dominate, it only made sense to work them after you fatigued to force them to grow. Then I was talking to the first Mr. Olympia, Larry Scott and he was telling me about training with Vince Gironda.  He mentioned how Vince Gironda had him perform tri-sets for his shoulder workout.

This is Larry Scott people, this is back when bodybuilding wasn’t filled with drugs. He mentioned that Gironda would have him before shoulder presses to single arm leaning shoulder presses to side raises.

If it was good for them then it’s good for me. Give it a try during your next shoulder workout.


The No Press Rule

Here’s another issue that I have with shoulder training. We’re too focused on performing shoulder presses that we literally break our shoulders down with very little size to show for it. I mean even if our posture was dumb perfect, we’d still be primarily stimulating our front delts. Like they don’t get enough work with all of our chest pressing already. If you want to get wide then you obviously see the value in side raises right? Well then why are you so obsessed with shoulder pressing? I know the strength community has us all confused and some of us think that the movements that allows us to use the heaviest weight is the best but it ain’t in this case. Just like heavy curls aren’t always the best for our arm training.

Rear Delts Are The New Side Delts

Damn that posture. Since most of us are stuck in front of this darn computer screen all day we now exhibit a shoulder rounded forward posture, not good for a shoulder workout made up of shoulder presses. As a result, our rear delts are more prominent from the side then ever before. So our rear delts take on more importance than ever before. We need to prioritize training them with different angles and with lighter weight.

Most people are so focused on slinging up heavy weight with various rear delt dumbbell exercises but that does nothing but overactivate the traps. Instead, why not actually focus on a shouler workout that actually works the rear delts with various cable movements and high rep schemes? Only makes sense right?

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  1. Joe
    9 years ago

    good solid advice here..can’t wait to give it a try today. thanks Jimmy, as always you have the best stuff to say!

  2. Tony Rovere
    7 years ago

    This was a great article. First time in a long time that I’ve read something unique that caused to change my thinking.

    I have put a large amount of time into the Arnold presses and dumbbell military presses…but according to this article the emphasis should be on rear delt raises.

    So I am going to try it. Thanks for the advice.

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