Simple Tip For Bigger Arms

Everyone wants bigger arms, don’t they? Well most people and this applies to females as well.

Bigger, leaner, more defined, better. However you describe them now they aren’t what you have now. You want bigger arms. Agreed?

Cool. Here’s a simple, simple trick for getting bigger arms faster.

Let’s say you can curl 100 pounds right now. Reps don’t matter right now.

Let’s say it’s 100 pounds for 8 reps.

Where do you fail on the curl?

Is it in the bottom?

In the middle?

At the top?

That’ll decide a lot.

Here’s my story.

Always struggled with a curl on the bottom part of the movement. Now I’m the dude in the gym who hates the meatheads. I did partial reps. Got a curl bar, let’s say that same 100 pounds and worked the heck out of that end range.

At the end of 4 weeks, I no longer was curling the same weight.

Give it a shot.

Here’s another article on how to get  bigger arms

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