Small chest no more -3 keys to faster chest growth

Lately I’ve been paying attention in the gym more. Not that I’ve been a mindless zombie before but I don’t really pay attention to other people. I get in, do my workout and I get out. Something the other day caught my eye though. It was on Monday, national chest day.

For some reason it bothered me, I saw a few different people all trying various “unique” ways to get their chest to grow.

Guy # 1 was running back and forth between a hammer press and cable flyes.

Guy #2 was bench pressing for super high reps, I mean his sets lasted forever.

Guy # 3 was doing pullovers.

All of them wanted to get a big chest but they went about it in vastly different ways.

So I tried to look at it from an objective point of view, what could each of these guys do different do get rid of their small chest?

Let’s break each down…

Guy # 1: He obviously had been reading some magazines and strength training literature as he was trying to post-exhaust his chest. He’d hit it with a big movement, like a hammer press that fatigues your shoulders and triceps along with your chest then use a isolation movement like the cable flyes to finish off his chest.

He had the best idea out of all the people. All he needs to do is try to progress more. With him, it’s not for a lack of knowledge, he’s just not moving heavier weight or doing more reps each workout.

Guy # 2: He seemed confused. He was just pressing away, rep after rep. He knew, he absolutely knew in his mind that super high reps were the right way. High reps will work for awhile but like anything else in your body. You must change things up.

He needs to lower his reps to 4-8 and really focus on more intensity in his workout.

Guy # 3: Well this guy was the skinniest of the three so he obviously needs to consume more calories. He also needs to hear why pullovers don’t work your chest. He also needs to get back to the basic but not just the basics, the basics plus.

We all hear about the advantages of doing compound movements like the dumbbell chest press and the bench press right? Well what we don’t hear is how they can be paired, in a program, with isolation movements.

We also NEVER hear how they can be paired with various unique set and rep methods to produce faster results.

When you put all three together, you’ll kiss your small chest goodbye forever.

You”ll find those techniques and more  (plus a 12 week chest training program) in the Ultimate Chest Workout System. Click the banner below for more information.

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