Stalled Bodybuilding Muscle Growth

Just got this question from a subscriber and thought you guys would enjoy it the answer so I’m reposting it. It relates to progress.

Q: Jimmy-I’m getting frustrated with my strength gains. What do you typicallyadvise when your clients progress stalls?

A: Since this is all the information that I got from you within the email, I can’t give you much detailed information. Do you have a log book? That’s the number 1 way to progress. If you aren’t recording every set, rep and how you feel with each then you won’t progress. You’re just throwing darts and hoping that something sticks.

Everytime I step into the gym I KNOW what I’m going to accomplish. Even if I just beat my log book by 1 rep, I know I progressed. There’s really no secret to it, you just have to progress each session. It’s something that you won’t traditionally see mentioned in magazines but it’s the #1 way to get stronger and grow.

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