The Complete Guide To Increasing Your Bench Press and Life More Weight

In the quest to gain strength and build muscle one movement stands out more than any other exercise. The bench press is where everyone is obsessed with how much they can lift. If you really want to bench press more weight and increase your totals then there’s actually a few simple rules that you should follow.

There’s nothing fancy about benching more weight, as a matter of fact just the technique alone can help you lift more weight TODAY.

I’m not kidding, you can go into the gym after you read this article and you’ll be able to bench press more weight instantly by following these few tips.

  • Line up your chin with the bar. While most people advise you to line your eyes up with the bar, lining your chin up places the weight directly over your chest as your pressing. Remember, lifting more weight on the bench press has everything to do with technique and form.
  • Get your feet set. Stop wiggling your legs like you have to go to bathroom and have a strict point of contact with the floor. You want your quads to stretch.
  • Underhand grip the bar and pull your chest up toward the bar. If you’re not uncomfortable then your not set. Get uncomfortable and get tight. Squeeze your shoulder blades together as hard as you can.
  • As you pull the bar out of the rack, hold the bar for one second over your chest and make your belly fully. The shortest distance between two points is? A straight line. To bench press more weight we want to be in a straight line.
  • Stay tight the entire range of the repetition. No one should be able to pull you off the bench. The people with the biggest bench press and who lift the most weight stay tight.
  • Grab the bar tight. You don’t want to grab loose then try to get tight. Squeezing the bar tight the whole time will help to keep the bar tight.
  • To increase your bench press you want to keep the bar in line with your wrists and elbows. The bar should be centered with the wrist and elbows.
  • A great tip to bench press more weight is set the weight. Too many people pull the bar off and start bench pressing right away. Take the bar out, let the bar settle then start bench pressing. If you just pull the bar off your upper back, lats and triceps aren’t going to stabilize and get set.
  • Use the dynamic effort method to lift more weight. The bar speed is super important when it comes to the bench press. You’re either going to be weak with your explosive strength or you’re going to be weak with starting power. The reason why you can’t lift a lot of weight on the bench press is because your sticking points are holding you back. Use the dynamic effort method to lift more weight.
  • The people with the biggest bench press know how to get the weight on their traps. What I’m referring to here is keeping your upper back tight as you pull the bar out and start pressing.Pull the bar out, keep your body tight through the full range of motion and you’ll increase your bench press reps.
  • To feel the weight on your traps you should walk your feet up onto the bench while you hold onto the bar but DO NOT take the bar off the pins. Now start performing a glute bridge on the bench. Do you feel how tight your traps get each rep? That’s what you want on the bench press!
  • Fix one thing on your bench press at a time. Are you bench to develop your chest or are you benching to lift more weight?
  • Are your elbows coming too long past your stomach if you bench press? Does bringing you elbows in feel better for your shoulders? Try some shoulder rehab

Listen, if your entire goal is to bench press with more weight then you must make sure that you have your technique down 110% before you worry about slapping extra weight on. More weight won’t give you a bigger bench press. better form will allow you to take that extra weight and do something with it. Once you have the technique down then it’s time to start doing some accessory work to really increase your totals.

  • Do at least two upper back exercises per bench session. I perform single arm rows and some sort of cable row where you can really retract your scapula
  • Increase your close grip triceps strength. While most powerlifters focus on triceps pushdown movement to protect their elbows I suggest you focus on some high rep close grip pressing to really work your lock out strength
  • Get your rear delts really strong. These small upper back stabilizers will really help you to keep your upper back tight and your shoulders healthy to lift more weight.
  • Focus on your scapular strength and mobility exercises in order to keep your shoulder blades healthy. Bench pressing more weight can place a toll on your shoulders if you don’t keep them healthy enough.

Got it? No go lift something heavy!

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