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tough mudder training
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With obstacle course races like the Tough Mudder and Spartan Race becoming increasingly more popular, the demand for knowledge in how to efficiently train for them is also increasing. What are the best type of workouts and training routines to use? How do you really train for a tough mudder or spartan race?

Let’s talk to a life long training junkie who’s seen every popular workout come and go, one of NJ’s finest, and see how he prepares…

Here’s my three questions and his answers all together.

Q:From talking to you a little bit I know that you are a fan of bodybuilding and have trained that way. The knock, and I HATE IT, is that bodybuilding training can’t be used for athletics. Throw in the fact that you do a little MMA training and how did your workouts have to change for your first tough mudder?

Q:After your 1st tough mudder, what did you learn about your conditioning level? I’m not a big fan of traditional treadmill cardio in general and prefer more sled type conditioning but where did you have to adjust your conditioning work and how?

Q:How was your recovery like? Were there parts of the event that you just didn’t anticipate in your training?

You hit the nail on the head. Bodybuilding hindered my performance at the TM. Specifically, my leg workouts, and leg muscle size. my mma training probably didn’t help. in all actuality, my mma training gets a boost from explosive movements from my leg workouts.

The TM didn’t require great cardio. It helped at times sure. But it required long term muscular endurance moreso than cardio endurance. I was rarely out of breath. But I experience extreme muscle fatigue in my quads. And my calves completely locked up, like rocks, in the later miles. ( I’m still working on that aspect.)

So I adapted my training. The best thing I found was slow and long running on big hills. especially for a bear mountain event ( inclines.)

It’s tough to replicate a TM. the leg muscles do things they never do. high stepping in 3 feet of mud really saps the stores energy out of the muscles. So you are pushing with a lack of glycogen stores. burnt up quick.

Keep in mind, I always did well. And never has any issues with finishing well. However, I struggled with an elite finish with other runner types or cross fitters.

Funny though: in my last Mudder I blasted past former NY giant David Tyree. it was a proud moment. Again, a WR body type. So he was out of his element.

I’m currently working on the Worlds Toughest Mudder training. It’s different. More of a mental monster with physical endurable included. Developed an on scene nutrition plan. Greatly varies from the typical bodybuilding nutritional regimen.

For those of you who want to register for a race, here’s a list of Spartan Races in your area.

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  1. Jeff
    6 years ago

    Where is this Worlds Toughest Mudder training with nutrition plan? LOVE TO SEE IT:)

  2. JimmySmith
    6 years ago

    Not sure what you mean. Did you come here looking for a TM diet plan?

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