Tracey Greenwood OUT Of The Arnold Classic 2010

Yet another beauty falls…out of the Arnold. Tracey Greenwood, a competitor at the Fitness International for the last seven years, has confirmed that she has pulled out of this year’s Arnold. I first saw this news on .

Tracey Greenwood started competing at the Fitness International seven years ago, and a tear in her MCL has caused her to end a streak that both her and her fans have enjoyed.  Tracey said she first tore her MCL last year, right before the 2008 Houston Pro.  As a true athlete and competitor, Tracey has been competing and training with the injury for the last year and half.  Of which, during this time, she somehow managed to compete in five separate contests – all with a torn MCL. Of those five contests, Tracey won three, including the 2008 FLEX Female Athlete of the Year Award.

Unfortunately the stresses of competing and training with a torn MCL have paid its price, causing Tracey more pain and problems now than when the injury first occurred. The injury is now causing her great pain and discomfort, making surgery the only option to help stop the pain. The sooner the surgery, the sooner she will recover and Tracey will prevent even further injury to her MCL and body. But this is not the last we will see of Tracey Greenwood – as she is not retiring – just recovering. Tracey is hoping to enter and compete in shows as early as April of this year (2010).

Spending seven years at the Arnold has given Tracey quite a large following; her absence will definitely be noticed by her fans and fellow competitors – as her leaving, opens a space for a new face in the top six of the fitness round.  Tracey will definitely be missed as a part of this years Fitness International line-up.

Article by  Melissa Wall,womens ab expert
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