Training routine for bodybuilding

So you want to do a bodybuilding show huh? Maybe you just want to look like a bodybuilder or fitness model. Either way, you need the right training routine for bodybuilding.

What’s my favorite training split to get ready for a bodybuilding contest?

Well there’s a few, here they are, plain and simply.

1) You can use the typical bodybuilding workout where you train one bodypart per day. So that would look like this

Monday-Chest workout

Tuesday-Back workout


Thursday-Shoulder workout

Friday-Arm workout

Saturday-Leg Workout


2) You can use a higher volume bodybuilding training routine where you emphasize one bodypart that you want to develop






Saturday-Chest and back training


This assumes that you are trying to provide more volume to your chest and back.

What other types of training routines for bodybuilding can you use?

-You can do three workouts while you try to fit in your cardio workout. That would look like this








This is a great training routine when you are pressed for time getting ready with all your cardio. I might even drop legs off, you’re doing a ton of cardio.

So there’s three different type of training routines for bodybuilding shows, give them a try.

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  1. Rex
    8 years ago

    Jimmy, I remember reading an article you wrote in Natural bodybuilding and fitness discussing the different training frequencies. Do you still think training upper and lower power days followed by a day off or two and then more of a volume/body part split routine for the rest of the week is optimal for muscle growth (ala Layne Norton)?

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