Tricks to conquer your skinny fat body genetics

Skinny but fat
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I used to be skinny fat. You know your skinny but your fat and you have some belly fat regardless of what happens with your diet and training? Being skinny fat isn’t cool, here’s some tricks to overcome it.

How to get rid of your skinny fat stomach forever

There’s four major factors why your skinny fat.


  • Your hormonal status is off balance
  • Your body can’t handle stress properly
  • You have problem handling volume or you’re just over training
  • You can’t selectively partiton your incoming nutrients


Let’s look at each

Your hormonal status is off balance

This a complex issue behind how skinny fat you are. Your individual hormonal flow is vastly different from the next person. In my experience of working with skinny fat men and skinny fat people who want to bodybuild I’ve always noticed that their insulin-testosterone-growth hormone-cortisol ratios are all screwed up.

Your metabolism isn’t fast and you don’t build muscle easily. This is a result of a lower sympathetic nervous activity and carbohydrate intolerance. Both of these factors determine your hormonal output to training, nutrition and stress.

What can you do to combat this? For starters you must get a sense of how your body handles carbohydrates. I suggest that you modify your carbohydrate intake over the course of three days and assess how much energy you have and how your body feels,

Your body can’t handle stress properly

Stress and your sympathetic nervous system messes with your digestion and your true appetite. Your skinny and you think you need to eat a lot of food and your appetite matches that. You actually produce more “fight” hormones then “flight” and as a result your body will decrease proper stomach bacteria and allow nasty organisms to develop.

I bet you don’t do well with high protein meals? Do high fat meals make you want to run to the bathroom? Do high carb meals make you tired? These are all measures of poor digestion and issues with how you handle stress.

See what happens if you consume more water during the week, how do you feel? How are you dealing with stress? Try taking a digestive enzyme with each meal. How does that help your feelings post meal? You might want to consider these supplements to lower cortisol.

You have problem handling volume or you’re just over training

Skinny fat people end up doing way too much volume in the gym because they feel that they have to do extra work to burn fat but more work to maintain their muscle mass. Not the case. Remember how we discussed your testosterone and growth hormone being out of balance? Training can effect this as well.

You also can’t recover as well due to a hyperactive central nervous system. How motivated are you to train right now? Probably not really a lot. Your body just can’t recover.

This most often is a result of just doing too much without identifying signs of over training. Try to jump to 3 days per week training for the next 4 weeks.

You can’t selectively partiton your incoming nutrients

The term partition refers to what your body does with an excessive amount of calories. Since skinny fat people can’t probably partition the calories that we eat, we end up getting fat.

Your hormones are already out of whack and elevated chronically so now you throw a bunch of food in there. What do you think is going to happen? Your body will push those calories into fat stores.

Try doing a 4 day low carb diet followed by a 3 day over feedings diet. Don’t go too crazy with the food, do it within reason.

If your skinny and fat the above issues are the reason why. Follow my tweaks and make the adjustments and you’ll be happy with what you see.

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    Question: What do you mean by an overfeeding diet.

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