UFC’s Best Bodies #9: Thiago Alves Workout

Coming in at number nine of our list of the UFC’s Best Bodies….

Thiago “Pitbull”Alves

We already looked at the  Roger Huerta workout and his body but now we’re onto number 9.

Weighing between 170-175 pound at just 5’9, the nick name “Pitbull” suits him very well.

He’s built like a pitbull with thick shoulders and thighs and his knees deliver painful blows to his opponents. Add in that he’s so small in terms of height and he can put a hurting on you.

When asked about his combat training and what he does to get ready for a fight, here’s what Thiago Alves said about his workout

“Jiujitsu, wrestling and boxing. I train in pretty much everything. I have no life when I’m training for a fight; that’s all I do is train morning to night”

He does it for 8 hours per day? The Thiago Alves workout is tough, now you see why he has one of the UFC’s best bodies

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  1. Roger
    8 years ago

    This is the body I would like to have.

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