Undertaker and Brock Lesnar Have Legit Heat-UFC 121

After his loss to Cain Velasquez at UFC 121, Brock Lesnar had an interesting confrontation with the Undertaker who happened to be sitting cage side.

Was there more to that?

The Undertaker has been known in pro wrestling circles to keep his kayfabe, which is essentially him living his on screen tv character at all times when he is in public. The fact that he was referred to as “Mr. Undertaker” during the interview instead of his real name does bring up the idea that it was a worked angle.

As Brock passed, the Undertaker looked at him and said “You wanna do this?”

When asked by the reporter if they have legit heat, the Undertaker said something a long the lines of “Well that should tell you something”.

Some individuals speculate that Brock wants to leave MMA and actually return to pro wrestling.

There have been rumors of the WWE attempting to put together a Wrestlemania match between the Undertaker and Brock. They must have known something coming from Brocks camp in order to even think that this was a possibiliity.

Here’s why I think the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar DO have legit heat.

1. Some reports claim that the Undertaker was upset with Brock going back to their WWE days when the Undertaker put Brock over only to have Brock leave the company shortly after that.

2. If this is all a WWE work how would they know Brock would lose in order to open the door to lead them into a Wrestlemania match? What if Brock won? He has a UFC contract and I can assure you that Dana White, UFC president, would NOT allow Brock to go to Wrestlemania when he could be getting ready for another blockbuster pay per view event.

3. If The Undertake and Brock were in on some secret WWE plot to hype a Wrestlemania match do you think Vince or The Undertaker would allow Michelle McCool, The Undertakers real life wife, to be so clearly displayed in the confrontation? They’ve never discussed their relationship on tv and never will. So if this was a hype machine, they’d have to go on tv and explain Michelle McCool being there which would wreck their biggest female draw at this time.

Here’s why I think Brock and The Undertake don’t have legit heat.

1. Brock just lost the heavyweight title. The Undertaker challenged him not knowing how Brock would react. What if Brock swung at the Undertaker right there?

2. The Undertaker saying “You wanna do this?” could be more like a motivational friend saying “let’s go”. Right after the confrontation the Undertaker openly stated how he feels Brock needs to train better.

3. Dana White, when asked, said it was too old friends just talking.

4. Look at Michelle McCool right after the confrontation, she doesn’t seem concerned or worried at all.

5. Look at Brocks face when they met. If I just lost my title and someone got in my face, I wouldn’t exactly ¬†look like that or walk away so quick.

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