4 Unpopular But True Rules About Building Muscle

Unpopular but true…

That was the first thought that came to my mind when I thought about this article and what I wanted to say. Let’s all be blunt, most of the “facts” in the training and diet world is no different then the story of the boogeyman, a legend that is just passed down and twisted through the years.

Let “them” get ticked off, it doesn’t bother me. I’m sleeping better knowing that I supplied you with the RAW truth.

#1: Using compound movements too much

While it’s the traditional recommendation, it doesn’t hold water when you actually break it down. Sure it makes sense, you can lift more weight on a bench press then you can on a fly. You’re assuming that you’re placing ALL that stress on your chest though. Make no mistake, studies on muscle growth all show local growth.

There’s no spread out growing ability that happens. Want a big chest, train your chest directly. And while I’m ranting…

Pundits will say that you can get stronger on the bench press that you can on a fly. That’s true. Who actually makes the jump from a 200 pound bench press to a 300 pound bench press in a year? Not many people.

You’re more likely to make the jump from a 30 pound chest fly to a 40 pound chest fly a lot sooner. Progression equals growth, right? Doesn’t matter which movement it happens in.

#2: Over eating nonsense

While your football coach may tell you that you need to just pound the food. Hey he’s big…*cough* fat *cough*.

Yes, eating more food is generally a great idea to gain weight. Great advice for a 15 year old.

But you can only add so much muscle so fast. 1 pound of pure muscle per year will result in a noticeable improvement on your body. Take it slow…

This is  a marathon, not a sprint.

I could probably gain 5 pound of lean muscle a year. I’m 6’6 though. Muscle gain is dependent on your height.

#3: Believing in protein too much.

Not to knock it because you need to eat it but I’m seeing some crazy numbers online. 400 grams a day?  Assimilation and digestion obviously don’t matter to those people. There’s ever expanding research that looks into how much protein we can actually use.

Not to be the grim reaper but we can only hope to deposit about 5 grams of protein per day in our muscle. We consistently need to feed in order to encourage that deposit.

These HUGE amounts are just overkill.

#4: Wasting too much time in the gym.

Maybe it’s because you drop the cardio or just don’t do it at all when you’re trying to gain size but it’s still not a good idea to go overkill on your volume. There is a fine line on when your workout goes from enough to too much. That switch gets turned on and off quick.

Quick, hard and intense workouts. I know the advice is to “live in the gym” but it really doesn’t work.  Short and sweet.

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