Kettlebells And Your Physique

They aren’t new but there’s a reason why athletes from various backgrounds including bodybuilding, football and every other sport uses them to get in shape. Even Hollywood actors are getting in the “swing of things”. So why should you be working out with kettlebells?

-Anyone can benefit from them, especially those suffering from low back injuries as they increase the work that the glute has to do. Stronger glutes equal a stronger back.

-Kettlebell training is a dynamic movement where the kettlebell becomes a loaded extension of your body. Physical therapists and chiropractors are getting involved with kettlebell work as well, they see the benefit for rehab.

-There shouldn’t be any type of argument over what’s better or worse for fat loss. They are all tools in the toolbox. Combined with a caloric deficit, you’ll be ok. Trust me.

-You can get big bicep with kettlebells. Why can’t you do a kettlebell hammer or preacher curl? You just change the the angle which is a good thing.

-There biggest benefit is that of increasing stamina and endurance. While you’ll surely be limiting yourself with the amount of weight that you’re lifting with a kettlebell vs a barbell, you can get some great benefit from using kettlebells after a strength exercise to increase the stamina of the muscles involved.


You deadlift a near max load for five reps then proceed to do a set of 20 kettlebell swings with each arm. You’ve just increased the stamina of your glutes and spinal erectors.

I’m just saying though…

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  1. Tatyana Brace
    8 years ago

    How will Kettlebells Help me Get in Shape?

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