Four Lessons Women Can Learn From Gina Carano’s Workouts And Training

gina carano workout
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As a super MMA and combat sports fan, I’ve frequently seen the recent advertisement barrage of Haywire, an upcoming action movie starring Strikeforce women’s champions Gina Carano. As with any elite mixed martial artist, Gina trains hard. Besides being attractive, she’s in excellent shape as well. Traditionally, women just don’t train hard.

Forgive me if you aren’t one of the general women that you often see at the gym. There’s nothing sexier then a women who’s not afraid to get after it in the gym and with her diet to improve her body, performance and health. That’s confidence. But that can YOU learn from Gina? How can she inspire you to take your workouts to the next level?

Do What The Boys Do

Regardless of how much information about the right way to train enters the general gym population, you’ll still see women doing concentration curls and high rep squats. Gina trains at Xtreme Couture, one of the nicest and best mixed martial arts gyms in the world. She trains the same way the guys do from her weight training to her conditioning to her skill work. She won’t hold back because if she does then she’ll be beaten the next time she enters the cage.

Key lesson: Don’t think that you’ll look uglier or different if you train hard or heavy.

Use various forms of conditioning

As a mixed martial artist she has to continually evolve and improve her skill game. As a result she must use multiple methods of conditioning and not just the traditional weight lifting and treadmill running that you typically see. Strongman, odd objects, plyometric jump training and marathon training. All of it goes into changing your body and making you the ultimate athlete you can be. There’s no better method for burning fat or improving your body. Mix it all together and go for it.

Do a little more

Most elite mixed martial artists can train for a few hours per day. I know what your saying to yourself. If only you had enough time in the day. Luckily, you don’t have to. Just do slightly more work. If you train four days per week, add an extra five minutes to each workout. If your going for a mile jog then make it a mile and a quarter. You don’t need to train for five hours per day, you just need to do slightly more then your currently doing.

Challenge yourself

Each fight is a challenge. She has to focus on it every day, every meal, every workout. What are you doing to challenge yourself? How are you pushing yourself? Gina Carano must push herself over a short period of time so why aren’t you? Challenge yourself every single day.

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