How long should a workout last?

how long should you workouts last

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That’s a good question and one that is hotly debated. Here’s how the typical strength communities view the length of a workout
Bodybuilding community workout length: Until I’ve done between 12 and 18 sets per body part. Upwards of 36 sets per workouts if I’m training multiple bodyparts.
Powerlifting community workout length: Until I’ve done my main work followed by 3-4 sets of 3-4 assistance lifts. Usually around two hours.
Personal training community workout length: 60 minute flat or 30 minutes, depending on the length of session you bought.
Strength performance community workout lenthg: Partially based on the length of the session you purchase or if the facility operates on a group training time, then the workout ends when the entire group is done.

How long should a workout last?

Sadly the prevailing theory for some people is still the old 45 minutes or else theory.While there are a few studies done telling you that you should only workout for 45 minutes or else your muscle wasting hormones rise, those are faulty at based. Numerous factors play into hormone release and you can’t isolate a group and expect everyone to get those results. That theory is stupid.

Much of the common knowledge about workout length comes from old eastern European literature that showed the athletes trained for about 30 minutes multiple times per day. That had nothing to do with the training and more to do with the sports coaches wanting to govern their athletes lives.

My best advice is to tell you to head to the gym with a plan. Work the plan and if you still feel like you can train a little long and want do, then go for it.

My workouts last between 45-60 minutes depending on what bodypart I’m training and if I’m doing any extra aerobic activity.

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  1. Doug
    6 years ago

    I overheard a trainer at my gym telling a client that their workouts shouldn’t be any longer than 45 minutes

    When the client asked why, the trainer started spouting all of this pseudo-science gobblydee-gook.

    At this point, I dove in and asked if the warm-up or cool-down should be included in that 45 minutes, and does exercise intensity (HIIT vs walking) have any influence on that 45 min time limit

    Boy oh boy did I get the evil eye for asking these questions

  2. JimmySmith
    6 years ago

    Yeah man, people just repeat the same old b.s. without looking through the actual science. I’m happy you brought up those points.

    Keep rocking.

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