How To Increase Your VO2 Max

Increasing your VO2 max is vital for any endurance athlete looking to improve their times. Runners, sprinters, cyclists and any distance athlete can benefit from increasing their vo2 max through their diet and training. Quite frankly, explosive athletes like football and basketball players should also aim at improving their vo2 max. Here’s some quick bullet point notes with some suggestions for improving your vo2 max.

VO2 Max Training

  • In the “no duh” moment, training at altitude can help you increase your vo2 max when you return to normal sea level
  • Performing all out, high intensity sprints. If you don’t immediately stop when you’re slowing down then you’re doing it wrong. Reach maximum intensity and keep running for as long as you can.
  • Wenger and Bell estimated that runs at 90-100% of VO2 max causes the largest gains. For the majority of individuals reading this,that equates to a 1-2 mile pace
  • Neufer concluded that 2-3 high intensity workouts per week can maintain a max vo2
  • Lose bodyfat
  • Take home: Stop overtraining


  • Cordyceps: A fungus used in traditional Chinese medicine that has been shown to increase oxygen uptake and vo2 max in elite athletes
  • Inosine: a intermediary supplement in various pathways that increases the bodies ability to carry more oxygen
  • Quercetin: A fantastic anti-allergy supplement that helps to lower inflammation in the nasal passages to allow better oxygen flow
  • Echinacea Purpurea: Studies have shown that 8 grams of this compound may increase natural EPO production
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