3 Tips For Leaner Legs For Women

If you ask 9 out of 10 women which area of their body that they’d like to improve the most, what do you think their answer would be?

Arms? Not close

Abs? Unless they want to live on the beach, most women will settle for small amounts of weight loss, they don’t want to be ripped.

Legs? We have a winner here

Women want lean and tight legs, there’s no question about it. You can take both a women that competes and a female that will never step on stage and they’ll both want to fit into their skinny jean and short shorts for the summer.

So if it’s such an important goal then why are women struggling?

1. They focus too much on training: I know it seems like the complete opposite advice that you’d expect to hear but most women focus too much on their lower body training. Provided that the female is consistently performing the main movements for her lower body including squats, lunges and deadlifts, she really doesn’t need to worry about hammering her legs more. That isn’t the answer.

I’d rather have a female client give all she can on her leg workout once per week then be obsessed and perform half effort workouts multiple times per week.

2. Her male trainer was never a female: If you look around at traditional bodybuilding contest prep coaches what is the one similarity that strikes you first? They are all men!  I’m not saying that a man can’t effecveitly diet a female because many, like myself, have.

In the latter weeks of an extreme fat loss diet like competitors use for bodybuilding contests or models use for photo shoots, cardio is typically ramped up. Well research has proven that females respond differently then men to training variables.

So while traditional slow and steady cardio might work for men, it does nothing to pull stubborn fat off of women.

Personally, I’ve found great success with my female clients by having them use a combination of steady state and interval training in the same cardio workout. By alternating periods of longer low intensity work (3-5 minutes) with all out periods of sprint work (60-90 seconds) I’ve had great success with helping women get leaner legs.

3. You’re using the wrong diet: The popular theory these days calls for an ultra low carbohydrate-moderate fat-high protein diet. That works fantastic for getting guys in shape but doesn’t work nearly as well for women. Research has shown that when females consume a meal, their bodies preferentially divert blood flow to their hips. So your mother was right, it does go straight to your hips.

Well if a women is trying to get leaner legs and blood goes directly to her hips, why would we give a female who is trying to get lean a healthy dose of fat? Fat is fat and still will be stored as such. So next time you try to get your legs leaner, don’t drop your carbohydrates so low and don’t raise your fat so high. You’ll love the results.

How do I get thin legs?

The appearance of thin legs is created by both a combination of tight and muscular thighs and hamstrings and a lack of fat. You obviously don’t want too much muscle mass or else you’ll have a bulky look but you do want some definition. Without leg definition you’ll always look like you have toothpick skinny legs which is not an attractive or sexy look. So to get thin legs you must first be training hard to sculpt and get defined legs.

Focus on high intensity leg training and a steady routine of deadlifts, hamstring curls, swiss ball hamstring curls and single leg split squats. Once you start eating a low carb diet you’ll start to see some definition and your legs will continually get thinner and thinner.

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