5 Ways To Make Chicken Taste Better

Chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken.It is the staple of any physique friendly diet. Uberhigh in protein with virtually no fat and carbohydrates, it is the ultimate diet food. However, most people only know one chicken speed. That’s bland and tasteless. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

People often ask me how I can eat chicken multiple times per day and not get sick of it. The answer is simple, 1) I’m super focused on my goals and 2) I know how to make it taste good.

Marinate It

A simple trick that seems lost on dieting folks. Just let your chicken sit in some marinate for 24 hours before you cook it. Soy sauce and bbq sauce are two great options.

Healthy Marinate

To make your chicken even healthier marinate it in some chicken broth or fruit juices as opposed to the traditional oily options.


Fresh herbs, vinegars, fresh lemon peel, mixed peppers all make your chicken taste great without the added fat.

Non-Stick Pans

I’ve blogged about why I hate non-stick pans (read teflon pans danger) before but this is one time that I actually advocate using it. It just makes your chicken taste so good plus it removes the oils (FATS) that you have to use for your stick pans.

Add Some Spices

The options here are endless. If you’re Italian use some dried oregano, basil or thyme. If you want some Thai chicken use some coconut milk, ginger or cilantro. For a Tex-Mex spin, think about using some cumin, sage, minced fresh chili peppers or chili powder.

All you really have to do is spice it up. Chicken should be in your diet multiple times per day, it just has to taste good.

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  1. Jacqueline
    9 years ago

    I should hire you as a full time cook :), sounds delicious!

  2. Aloo Matar
    8 years ago

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