Ava Cowan Cardio Workout

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Note: I’ve never spoken to Ava. I admire her work ethic and drive. I’ve pieced together this article from her magazine articles and videos.

Ok so this is our final installment into the life of Ava Cowan. We’ve looked at the Ava Cowan Leg Workout and the Ava Cowan Diet. The final piece of the puzzle, as anyone on a bodybuilding contest diet will tell you, you must do cardio to burn fat and lose lower ab fat.

Ava has openly discussed her cardio routine, though not in specifics. The old Ava Cowan cardio workout was based on traditional steady state cardio because of the myth of the fat burning state. While this does work and it did for her, Ava could never really bring her glutes in where she needed to in order to win a show.

Ava never did interval training, she always did steady state cardio but now she uses both. She claims to have gotten in the best shape of her life this way.

Ava ┬ábegins her cardio workout by doing two days of interval training and two days of steady state work. She now feels like there’s no looking back.

In order for her to lose the last bit of fat off her legs, she feels this is the best approach. Ava feels like she looks so different and her physique shows it.

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  1. Kylee
    8 years ago

    omg that is an awesome body. obviously her workout suits her body type…

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