Beach Body 2010-Audrina Patridge Workout And Diet Secrets

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Audrina Patridge has certainly gained weight then lost fat these past few months hasn’t she? This time of year all of the celeb magazines like Star, US Weekly or In Touch will do their features on how celebrities lost fat, shaped their lower abs and increased their metabolism. As a training and nutrition guy, I actually like to read it. So what did they say were Audrina Patridges workout and diet secrets?

Well for starters, she hired the same trainer as her friend Lauren Conrad, She followed the same Lauren Conrad workout and diet. This included doing 100 sit-ups per day. So now everyone that read that magazine would go out and do 100 sit-ups and wonder why they didn’t have the body that Audrina and Lauren had. So was that the Audrina Patridge’s workout secret?

She also followed the same diet as Lauren. So why doesn’t she look like Lauren? The diet wasn’t personalized for her body type, goals and metabolism. She needs online coaching from me to personalize her diet.

That being said what was Audrina’s Patridge’s diet? ¬†Well we know from this magazine that she felt “light headed and bitchy”. What kind of diet could do this? Chances are that she probably followed a ketogenic diet for weight loss that keeps her carbohydrates as low as possible. What she felt were certainly sign of a keto diet.

Not having a ton of energy is ok on a diet but feeling the way she felt isn’t. Most people don’t have enough lean protein (chicken, bison, turkey) in their diet that not only maintains sexy muscle but keeps your metabolism high. Some people can get away with eating a lot of fruits and veggies and feeling fine on them.

A keto diet relies on fat from peanut butter, nuts, avocado’s and fish oil and some of the lean protein that we mentioned above.

That’s the problem with celebrity diets, they say that carbohydrates are the enemy but there’s no on/off switch for fat loss.Just ask yourself, did Audrina Patridge workout and diet work for her? Maybe she should of followed Heidi Montag’s workout routine

(For more celebrity diets, check out Cameron Diaz’s workout routine)

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