Bee Pollen Health(Why You Can’t Ignore The Benefits Of Bee Pollen Anymore)

Yea, yea, yea. I know you’ve probably thinking that I’ve stumbled and hit my head since me (a physique fan) is the farthest thing from a natural and homeopathic medicine lover. It’s true so I can understand your confusion over why I’d be talking about bee pollen. Then there’s some of you, I’m sure, who are going to be all up in arms because that’s what ya’ll do.


Well here’s the deal, I’m always striving to bring the latest and most up-to-date, cutting edge training and nutrition methods, regardless of how “out of the box they seem”. Plus, I’ve seen bee pollen get more and more attention and its gotten to the point that when something gets so big so fast, you just can’t ignore it (picture Michael Jackson shortly after he released “Billie Jean”).


So I did some digging and found some amazing health benefits of bee pollen, benefits that you just can’t ignore. You see I originally started looking into bee pollen because I’ve heard of the effects of honey(when wrapped in a bandage) on removing scar tissue and since my ankles are both scar tissue, I figured I should give it a try (will document it on video)

And I kept finding more and more bee pollen health benefits.


While books from ancient China clearly describe the amazing life enhancing benefits of bee pollen, modern research has been relegated to Europe. Dr.Liebold,a physician in Karlsrude, Germany who stated that:“bee pollen is an excellent prophylaxis and therapeutic treatment against the precocious symptoms of old age. It should be considered a universal geriatric treatment in the form of a natural remedy”.

While that’s a general benefit of bee pollen, what are some other been pollen health benefits? Does it have any physique benefits?

Bee Pollen, may in fact, help to increase your metabolism and help you lose fat due to the various enzyme reactions that it causes in the body. While it’s not direct(decrease calories lose weight) you need to understand that everything in the body works through enzyme process, which is why magnesium and zinc are so effective at managing blood sugar levels. Bee pollen works through the same mechanism.


Some more health benefits of bee pollen include

  • The ability to reduce cravings since bee pollen is high in the amino acid phenylalanine.
  • Increased energy or decreased energy due to it’s ability to act as a adaptogen in the body(normalizes the body).
  • Increased good health since it speeds up normal healthy cell processes.
  • Bee pollen also exists to aid in the remove of “sludge” in the body from medical drugs, environmental toxins and modern living habits.

Now I’ve just touched on the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the health benefits of bee pollen. So if you want to add another healthy supplement into your diet, make it bee pollen


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