Breaking Old Diet Habits For A New You

Instead of focusing on new or different methods to losing fat and eating healthy, the hardest part of the equation is looking in the mirror and assessing what level of healthy eating that you’re actually at.

I know how hard it can be, I do it myself at times. I have a hard time looking at how I eat over the course of a few days and deciding if I’m doing the right or wrong thing. Once you can look at your diet and decide what level of dieter that you are, then , and only then can you break your old diet habits.

Have you been eating horrible for an extended period of time? If so, then you need to approach one new diet habit at a time. New eating approaches can be overwhelming at times, especially when you look at all the eating and exercises changes that you need to make. If you try 10 new things at once then you’ll likely quit before you get started.

So ask yourself this..

“What can I change right now that can have a big impact on my health?”

For most people it’s as simple as taking a daily fish oil supplement, eating an extra serving of fruit or vegetables per day or having a whey protein shake after their workout.

What can give you the biggest change today? If the fiber from the fruits and veggies will make you feel fuller longer at a hard time of the day for you where you routinely eat sugar then do that. You’ll instantly have more energy so you’ll commit and adopt the change easier.

Same with fish oil. Start with 6-9 grams per day and you’ll almost instantly start to feel better about yourself as your metabolism works better.

Every week after that, add a new habit into your diet. I usually recommend some simple carbohydrate rotation after week one. It’s really simple. You just start adding your carbohydrates in at the first two meals after your workout. You can expect people to instantly drop their calories. Too many people will feel too bad too quickly.

Again, I want to continually encourage change.

By placing the carbohydrates immediately after the workout, I’m taking advantage of a window that will allow the carbohydrates help us recover from our workout as opposed to being stored as bodyfat. The client still eats the same but I continue to walk them along the road of dietary compliance and they continue to see the benefits of these new habits.

If you don’t exercise then you don’t get the breads or bagels. It’s that simple.

So can you see how easy it is to break old diet habits that hold youback? I hope so because tomorrow I’m going to tell you about the “IT” factor in diets and how you can apply it for greater results during the holiday season.

On Friday I’ll give you an INSANE deal on my quick start to diet guide 2010 and my brand new, never released, “Weapon X” bodyweight workout that is only available during Black Friday.

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