Burn Fat ASAP


I wanted to share a quick yet POWERFUL fat burning diet tip with you today…

Ready for it????
Eat S-L-O-W-E-R..
Not earth shattering but it works VERY well..
And it’s one of the most effective ways to cut calories from your diet without shifting your foods or counting calories.
Don’t count calories…do THIS instead….
See, it takes about 15 minutes from the second you start eating for your body to digest food.
When have you ever eaten for 15 minutes consistently?
Never, if you’re like me then you shovel food in and you’re DONE with your meal in 15 minutes.
Well you’re probably still hungry yet your body is JUST starting to digest.
So what I typically do? Well, it’s time to move onto desert since I’m still hungry…
Bad Jimmy…
Eating slower produces more saliva which contains more digestive enzymes to prevent bloating, increase nutrition absorption and  reduce hunger
Never count calories…Do THIS instead.
Try it…


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