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After my updated transformation picture the other day, I began to devise a plan to get leaner in the next few weeks. As question after question came rolling in, I thought about how I was going to translate what I’m working on with my body to you. Step one, I need to “learn” how to handle carbohydrates better.

We’re really talking about insulin sensitivity or the ability for our body to handle carbohydrates better.We want our tissues to become more responsive to the insulin that is released after we ingest carbohydrates. Insulin is a storage hormone, simply out, when it’s too high we gain fat. When it’s too low, we lose muscle but when it’s just right, well, that’s magic.

That’s how we can lose fat while retaining muscle.

But even before insulin becomes an issue, our carbohydrate handling is our first concern. Ideal insulin sensitivity depends on our genetic ability to handle carbohydrates. Most authors just discuss insulin sensitivity when in reality, if we have crappy carbohydrate handling abilities, we’re screwed.

You have to think of your bodies ability to handle carbohydrates as a empty gas tank. You need to have something in it or else you won’t have much energy but too much in it and you’ll be spilling over. When you “spill over” your body stores those carbohydrates as fat.

Losing body fat occurs primarily when we only have a little amount of carbohydrates in the tank.

So what are some ways to improve our carbohydrate handling?

#1: Diet: This is a given. To lose fat we need to consume less.Nothing surprising here to anyone. I do prefer to alternate phases of carbohydrate intake to promote fat loss while filling my carbohydrate stores during select training days.

Depleting your body of carbohydrates takes a few days so break your diet up to depletion, fat loss and muscle retention phases. I’m not completely a fan of straight low carbohydrate diets but they are the first place that I’d start with you.

#2: Carbohydrate Depletion Exercise: While I’m not the biggest fan of training to burn fat with your weight training, I mean all that jumping around stuff is just crazy. I will admit that you should look into raising your intensity in your training. My favorite method is simply just raising your rep ranges upwards of 15 reps. Let the cardio do the rest. Keep your training intensity high!

#3: Ditch Pre Workout Carbohydrates: While some individuals believe that you always have to have carbs pre workout, I feel that this is the first area that needs to be taken away when training for optimal fat loss. While carbohydrate levels in the muscle help growth, you don’t want to raise your insulin pre workout. You’ll get your carbohydrates during the rest of the week.

#4:Use R-ALA: One of my favorite supplements, you can learn more about it here. R-ALA helps to shuttle carbohydrates into your muscle cells which is critical, as we’ve already stated. Aim for 600-1,000 mg’s per day. Use this brand.

#5: High dose magnesium glycinate? I’ll put a question mark after this as there’s some evidence that it might help us. I’ll try it first and let you know how it goes.

DON’T Do This!

I’ve read some author suggesting double workouts. Cardio in the morning and training at night. Listen, that works fantastic for burning bodyfat but unless you can do that and function at work, DON”T do it! It works but do you really have the time to do all that? Some of my clients do but it’s too physically draining on most.

That’s how I’m starting my journey. Let’s do this!

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