Diet vs Exercise For Weight Loss

If diet is 90% of the equation but we need to exercise to lose weight then what’s more important? The concept of diet vs exercise has always interested me. What’s more effective?

Joe wants to lose weight.

Joe knows that he needs to burn more calories than he takes in.

Joe diets for awhile and does a bunch of cardio, loses a little weight  then hits the wall. What happened?

Mary is a spin instructors in the gym. She teaches two spinning classes and two boot camp classes a day. That’s not stop activity for four hours per day plus she’s eating around 1200 calories in order to lose weight.

Mary is still chunky. What went wrong?

More importantly, why is every aerobic class or spin instructor out of shape? For real..

You See This All The Time

Joe and Mary both do a ton of exercise but their not eating enough calories to support their activity. They’ve wrecked all of their hormones which are responsible for burning body fat. Their only way out of it is to eat more or start adding in some structured refeeds.

Joe and Mary didn’t diet at a goal oriented pace. They didn’t have a goal weight at the end of each week. You can keep dropping your calories and doing more cardio but it won’t help. Go ahead and do another 60 minutes of cardio or drop your calories lower, it’s not going to do a thing. You’re just going to stay at your same weight.

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