Do Late Night Meals Make You Fat?

Do late night meals make you fat? More importantly do late nights make you fat? The answer is yes and no.

Now if you’ve read my article on nighttime nutrition then you’ll realize that eating at night or late night meals does not make you fat.

You see provided that whatever you eat at night fits into your calorie goals or macronutrient goal for the day like I teach here then you’re fine.

The only reason that the rumor that late night eating made you fat even started to exist was the fear that at night all you do is sit down on the couch and watch tv. Sure, you aren’t doing anything to burn calories but if you’ve worked out during the day and your calories fit into your macronutrient numbers then you’ll be fine so late night meals don’t make you fat!

Now late nights are another story. Yes late nights make you fat. You need sleep, sleep is vital for recovery and it helps to keep our fat loss and muscle building hormones healthy. If we have too many nights out, our body doesn’t get the proper rest and our hormones are all screwed up and screwed up hormones make us fat.

To lose fat you need to sleep.

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  1. myron romero
    8 years ago

    Its about time this question is put to rest, of course people need to realize a late night snack is not 3 slices of pizza. Oh on a side not i tried that xtends product in watermelon flavor and its great.

  2. Kylee
    8 years ago

    I eat late at night sometimes but always due to having exercised late. Plus late nights are sometimes a common thing with me due to crappy work hours. I need to get more sleep.

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