Why fat burners don’t work

fat burners

I’m often asked what fat burner that I typically recommend for increasing fat loss or helping someone get ripped. In all honesty, I can’t recall the last time that I put a client on or recommended a specific fat burner.

The headlines in the magazines are attractive and the promises are extremely appealing. My issue with fat burners in general comes when you look at the actual science of the ingredients. For starters, the majority of fat burners are specific blends where the company can hide behind putting less of the effective dose in and replace that with more overall ingredients. More is better right? There’s some evidence that green tea can boost metabolism or that various herbs such as ginseng can increase metabolism. When you look at the physical science you see low numbers like 45 calories per day burnt when subjects took those pills. Does 45 calories add up? Yes, I guess you can argue that but it won’t give you the results you’ve been promised.

The main promise of most fat burners is that they’ll increase¬† metabolism. What does that really mean? The product aims to increase your adrenaline and noradrenaline, two hormones that are released during exercise. Their theory is that if you can elevate these hormones slightly more then you can liberate fat. Not true,however. Raising adrenaline and noradrenaline in isolation without the parallel rise in testosterone, growth hormone and cortisol that naturally occurs with weight training won’t produce the fat loss that they intend.

Thus the fat burning effect that we’ve found from research won’t occur! Men and women rush to the stores to purchases fat burners for their supposed benefit.

What about having a more intense workout, won’t that burn fat if I can train harder?

That’s an interesting point but look at it this way. If you need something to help you have a more intense workout should you be training in the first place? A main ingredient in many of the commercially available fat burners is caffeine. As we know, caffeine is a fabulous performance enhancer yet causes numerous energy crashes later. What measurable benefits can you see from using a fat burner? Just because you feel a buzz and feel like you can jump from exercise to exercise doesn’t delay the onset of muscle fatigue to the point that you’ll see a measurable calorie loss.

Fat burners are primarily made up of ingredients used in rat studies and if they have any human data to back them, the company more then often funded that research study.

To sum it up you should stay away from fat burners because..

  • While they provide ingredients like caffeine, green tea they don’t necessarily lead to large amounts of calorie losses per day or week.
  • Companies typically throw numerous products in there but give you a minimum dosage.
  • Many of the ingredients present just provide a buzz that doesn’t enhance your training.



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