Fat Burning Diet Mythes

In our current fitness landscape, information is abundant. That’s a good thing to a certain extent, people looking to get on a fat burning diet or build muscle or improve their health can find answers to any questions in a matter of minutes. The problem is, they usually aren’t the right answers.

Here’s some fat burning diet mythes are don’t cut it, don’t be fooled. Here’s one thing that I want to point out. I know that being in shape doesn’t make you a good trainer or doesn’t mean you know your stuff. For the life of me, I can’t understand how someone that blogs or provides information online and who has the answers, is out of shape. If you know it why not practice it?

Take large amounts of fat and you’ll lose fat: This is AWFUL advice and I know where it comes from. Since research has shown low carbohydrate diets are the best type of diet for fat loss, everyone says that you need to raise your fat to provide your body with fuel for energy during a carbohydrate deficit. That’s true, you need more fat when you have less carbohydrates but not 100 grams.

People on my facebook page argue with me everytime I say you shouldn’t eat that much fat but where does their evidence come from?

It doesn’t count is Dr.Joe Blow said it, doesn’t matter if he’s a doctor or not.

100 grams of fat, even if that amount comes from healthy fats like omega-3’s can still ADD body fat. Fat is fat and it can be stored exponentially. Do you really tink that 100 grams of fat coming from nuts and almond butter is all going to be used for brain function?

Stop being a follower and start being a progressive thinker. Even if the person who gets in shape eating huge amounts of fats says “look at me”, don’t listen.

Good for them but most people grossly overestimate how much fat they actually eat. There 100 grams was more like 50.

For my clients, I typically keep fat anywhere from 20-50 grams, depending on their goals, body size and hormonal profile. Now everything varies as we continue to work together and diet but realize this, fat is fat is fat. Don’t fall for these fat burning diet mythes.

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