How Fast Can You REALLY Lose Fat?

How fast can you REALLY Lose Fat? It seems like a “holy grail” type question. After all, if you cared about the time it took you to get from New York to California and wanted the quickest possible route would you drive or fly? You’d fly of course. Yes you may pay more but you get to your end destination faster.

The same theory can be applied to fat loss. Are you willing to put in the intense work that is required to bust through the supposed plateau of 2 pounds per week?

What if you want to take your fat loss to a G-5 level and really ramp it up?

Listen, over the past few days I have been talking about brown fat in humans and brown fat metabolism and with good reason.

You see for those of you that have trouble burning stubborn stomach fat, understanding brown fat could be your silver bullet. Why do professional bodybuilders take drugs to attain their physiques? Because it gets them to their goals faster.

When most people think of losing fat they think of their nutrition, supplementation, exercise and cardio. After that, your gun is empty. What if we could add one more round to the chamber?

That’s why I talk about brown fat activation.

More Effective Than Burning Calories?

Everyone knows that they have to burn calories to burn fat, that’s a given, right?

What happens when you drop your calories so low but still aren’t burning fat, what are your options?

1. Do more cardio

While it will work initially, this is NOT the route that you want to go. We discussed before how muscle is the most important regulator of metabolism that we have. By pushing your cardio longer and longer or harder and harder on a very low calorie diet, your body has no choice but to burn up muscle tissue for energy. More cardio is only the answer until you get to about 30-40 minutes. After that, it’s a downward slope.

2. Use intensity techniques in your training.

While I feel that this is a valuable technique, I’m not convinced that you’ll burn more body fat this way. You can perform supersets or giants sets (304 exercises in a row) and that will raise the intensity of your workouts but on a reduced calorie diet, you won’t have enough energy to have a good workout.

3. Change your nutrition approach.

I’m a firm believer in having a plan and sticking to it, albeit making some small tweaks as you go along. By jumping from diet to diet you are avoiding the problem, which is that your body just can’t burn any more calories. No diet in the world will work.

So what’s the answer?

You need to “waste” calories. The more you can “waste” them the more body fat that you’ll burn. That’s why I’ve been hyping up brown fat lately, when we can activate it, like I show you in the Hyper Fat Loss system, we can burn more fat.

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