How To Lose Fat: Fat Loss Advice (Weight Loss Management)

There’s a good chance that you hit this site because you were searching somewhere online for information and tips on how to change your body. There’s a VERY good chance that you were looking for information on how to lose fat in particular.

Do you want to know how to lose fat? Are you wondering how do I lose fat? How can I lose weight? Here’s the answers to the question how do I lose fat.

Being that fat loss is the most popular, general, topic for readers of this site, I’ve decided to dedicate this article to a continually updated look at losing fat and weight loss management once you hit your goal weight. I’ll cover the most important issues pertaining to fat loss and how you can lose fat and lose weight easier, if you’d like more in-depth information about a specific topic they’ll be a link to a article covering that as well.

my hope is  that you’ll continually refer to this article and check it out everytime you visit the site.

I want you to think of losing fat as something simple. The magazines and the mass media will have you believe that it’s very difficult to lose fat. It isn’t, you just have to know how to set yourself up for success and that involves following basic, fundamental processes every single day and fighting the temptation to expect drastic results within weeks. Remember, however many pounds you’d like to lose now wasn’t gained in a day or two and it won’t be lost that quickly either.

How to lose fat: answering the question “how do I lose fat?”




Commitment: The Mind

Before we can get into the X’s and O’s of how to lose fat we first must cover your commitment level and there’s multiple levels.

How Can I Lose Weight?

Where you are and where most people seem to always start is at, what I call, the Wanted Need level.

They tell you that they need to lose fat but they really just want to. Needing to lose fat is the difference between a severe diabetic and a women in her 40’s who wants to drop five pounds. The latter wants to burn fat, the former must to save their life.

Right now you want to burn fat but the impending obstacles such as eating out or eating less carbohydrates is already causing you to think twice.

The second level that I coined is known as the Acute Dilemma level. You can lose weight for a short period of time but you can’t maintain that weight loss or progress further. You see this with a lot of fitness models or competitors who have to be in shape for one day. More often then not, you’re losing fat in spite of your knowledge to burn fat. You tried a new diet and it worked but when you got off the diet you didn’t know the habits to sustain that weight loss and fat loss.

Complete step by realizing which level of the above three that you’re at and identifying if you lack control or knowledge. Just because you WANT to lose fat doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to do what you need to do to achieve that goal..

Lastly your goal is to be at the Idealistic Peak level. At this level, you have the knowledge  AND the control over what you eat to manipulate your body the way you want to and lose fat and a few pounds here and there should you need to.

Once you have control over what you eat and you have the knowledge (I’m about to hand you that below) then you’ll be on the level where you understand how to cause your body to change the way that you see fit.

How can you lose fat?

 Consistency:The Workout

We all know that a good fat loss program needs to revolve around a properly structured workout to induce those changes. NO workout can make up for a bad diet but a good diet alone won’t burn as many calories as you need to change your body without a good workout. See my point? If you truly want to know how to lose fat then here it is.

The basis of a good workout involves the following

:Muscle intensive movements- While some authors like to note that you MUST perform multi joint movements like the squat ALL the time to lose fat, I disagree. As long as you can’t do any more at the end of your workout, you’ll have succeeded that day. A medicine ball slam is a great exercise and so is a curl. One requires more muscle then the other but both can be done to burn fat.

That’s not to say that you need to do 50 rep sets or be left in a pool of sweat to have a good workout, that’s the opposite. I want you to aim for training as many areas as you can per session.

:You must show progress from workout to workout. Keeping a notebook and marking down all of the weight that you use is a fantastic progression tool. Aim to perform either more reps of a given exercise or lift more weight on that exercise from week to week.

No workout will help you burn fat if you aren’t consistent week after week. Just do something..

:You must give your body a reason to change. Knowing how to lose fat is just as vital as the approach. This is why I’m against bootcamp type classes. You’ll sweat in those classes but they are vastly ineffective for providing your body with a reason to get rid of stored fat. Think about it this way, your body likes fat. If you’re not challenging it with various types of stimulus and just using one type(non stop movement, in this example) you won’t give it a reason to change.

:Vary your reps every other workout. I favor an alternating form of training that looks like this

Workout # 1: 3 sets of 12 reps on every movement

Workout # 2: 4 sets of 8 reps on every movement

Workout # 3: Same as workout # 1

Focusing on the calories you burn from exercise will often leave you frustrated since you just don’t burn enough lone.Think of exercise as an extra way to speed up your progress, not the main catalyst

This is where exercise gets fun. There’s no steadfast rule that you have to train in a gym. All you need to do is have a workout that challenges your body more then you previously have. Our ancestors pushed bigger rocks farther and had to run away from animals faster. If you follow the rule of “do more” then you’ll be ahead of the curve.

Dedication: The Extra

At some point you’ll need to add some extra activity in. The popular term is “cardio”. People do cardio on the treadmill or exercise bike. Bodybuilders and fitness models do it after their workouts to try to burn more fat. Everyone assumes that it speeds up fat loss.

This is where the traditional argument of steady state cardio like walking or jogging versus interval training comes in. Many popular fitness writers and even some doctors will misinterpret the research and assume that high intensity interval training burns more calories. It doesn’t!

Cardio is ineffective for fat loss because as you become more efficient at it you’ll burn less calories. As you lose weight you’ll also be doing less work. Both points illustrate why you must continually vary your method of “extra” workout.

Steady state cardio and interval training actually burn the same amount of calories. When you factor in time, high intensity will cause you to burn more calories. There’s nothing wrong or bad about steady state cardio. It’s just that people want to workout less so that’s why intervals appeal to them.

How much extra work should you do to burn fat? As a general rule of thumb and unless otherwise indicated, 2-3 sessions per week for 10-20 minutes will work just fine for increasing your fat loss. I know bodybuilders that only do a few 30 minute sessions per week. Don’t fall into the hype that you must do it daily.

How can I lose fat?

Discipline: The Diet

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying that fat loss is 90% diet, correct? Well I’d go as far to say that losing fat is about following a 90% diet 90% of the time. That means that you’re doing everything that you can with your diet while following the principles I’ll detail below 90% of the time.

1: Consume lean protein with every meal. While we’re often told to consume more protein then we need, the majority of individuals don’t get enough protein per day. In reality, you could eat all your daily protein in one meal and you’ll get the same effects as you would if you broke it up during the course of the day. Best case scenario to lose fat, have a source of lean protein about the size of your fist with every meal

2: No carbohydrates are off limits, you just need to know how many to eat. While my best piece of advice is to consume carbohydrate sources like fruits, whole grains and vegetables which provide some nutritional benefit, you’ll burn the same amount of fat by eating a set amount of carbs per day, no matter the quality. Start with .5 grams of carbohydrates per pound of bodyweight and adjust as you lose weight.

When all else fails, just eat less carbohydrates. That’s the sure fire way to lose weight and it reduces calories without the need to count them.

3: Fat is no big deal. While some traditional approaches like the Atkins diet will tell you to replace your carbohydrates with fats, the research just doesn’t hold up. If you’re consuming grass fed beef and wild caught fish daily then you’ll be getting extra fat per meal. Also, don’t fall into the idea that nuts are super healthy, their not the best sources of fat. Aim to consume 6-9 grams of omega 3 fish oil per day in the form of capsules.

4: Nutrition is a day to day approach that builds upon each day. If you “fall off the wagon” and cheat a little bit, no big deal. Just make sure you’re strict the following day, your body will have a way of evening things out.

Fat loss questions and answers

Q: How do I burn 1000 calories?

A: Crave out a bunch of time in your schduele. That’s how you burn 1000 calories, that’s it. Sound too good to be true? Here’s the deal, research has proven that you can burn 1000 calories in a day. 90 minutes of basketball burns 1000 calories and so does walking at a brisk pace for about three hours. Two hours of yard work will burn 1000 calories.

You see what’s going on though? You need to have a lot of time in order to do that.  So the best recipe is to slowly progress each workout. Do more reps, do more sets and do different exercises. While you may not burn 1000 calories in one workout you’ll get your dream body.

Q: How can I lose fat in a few weeks?

A: How do you lose fat in a few weeks? Wow, that’s tough. It really depends on how much bodyweight you have to begin with. Don’t focus on losing all your weight at once. Take it week by week.

Q: Is it easy to lose weight?

A: Losing weight is a combination of consistent training, smart nutrition and overall effort. It’s harder to lose weight if you want to believe all the hype that you see on the commercials and in the general media. Generally I advise that you aim to lose 1-2 pounds of fat per week. These weight loss numbers of 8 to 10 pounds that you see on weight loss shows are unrealistic.

Q: If you could sum it down to one tip to help me lose weight, what would it be?

A:Just be smart with your nutrition. Seriously, everyone focuses on these big weight loss pill or crazy diet method but how long can you really expect to get results from using a fat loss diet that restricts so much from your life? You can’t. The most efficient weight loss diet involves you just making smarter choices when your shopping or out to eat. Lean protein, good carbs, vegetables and some healthy fat. Simple.

Q:What do you think of these weight loss pills?

A: Fat burners don’t work and they might very well mess up your metabolism. Fat burners consist of various nutrients that have been shown to help you lose weight but they put the minimum effective dosage in those pills. Supplements can help you lose weight but those are nutrients like fish oil, ala and other healthy options I recommend.

Q: How do celebrities lose weight?

A: Celebrity workouts have become a thing of legend with search volume through the roof.  The trick about celebrities is that they can work out for multiple hours. While that’s not the biggest advantage it does allow them to burn more calories. Honestly, they don’t do anything different then you or I except they workout longer.

Q: How do I stop losing muscle when I lose weight?

A: To prevent muscle loss while you lose weight you really need to be smart about your nutrition. These fad diets and ultra low carb diets will cause massive muscle loss. Focus on eating good sources of carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fat and don’t take any drastic changes and you’ll lose weight, not muscle.

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