How To Maximize Your Outdoor Workouts This Summer

The timing for this article is perfect. I LITERALLY just finished training outdoors myself and the ideas were JUMPING at me left, right and center. The beauty of outdoor workouts are that you can get in a workout with as much or as little equipment as you want. The only limit is your imagination/creativity (sounds cheesy, but it’s SO true!)

I’m at an advantage because I live near a children’s park. So my workout today was:

Jog around park for 5min to warm up
10 burpees
10 jumping jacks
10 pushups on a decline (I actually put my feet in a swing so they were elevated)
10 chinups (did these on the monkey bars – Don’t laugh)
1 sprint around play area (probably 200-400metres)

I repeated this 5 times. It’s one intense metabolic circuit, and I didn’t need weights! You can do this in your own backyard if you want; just sub the decline pushups for regular ones (or put your feet on a lawnchair), and you can find something to do inverted rows with instead of the chin-ups. So essentially, it’s just a straight up metabolic circuit workout done either using equipment available to you or your bodyweight as resistance. You can do it either for time, ie. Say to yourself, “30 sec of squats + 30 sec of pushups + 30 sec of sprints. Done 5 times” OR, you can do it for reps, ie. “10 burpees + 30 squats + 20 jumping jacks. Done 5 times”

The other option for workouts, which I do with my clients if we have the equipment is a med ball + Bodyweight circuit. What I’ve done in the past with this is:

10 Med ball slams against the ground (might not work on grass, but you can try it
10 Med ball squats/throws against wall (throw ball as high as you can, and as you catch it, start to squat down, then launch it again as you come up)
10 pushups with feet on Med ball
10 dips with hands on Med ball

So as you can see, there’s really nothing you CAN’T do outdoors. You have a couple examples here of some SOLID full body workouts that will get your fat burning furnace stoked, and get that body ready for you to start doing these workouts with less clothes 😉

Great Article by Jaime Filer

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